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Waist brace and waist support

Is wearing waist support really effective? Whether you are recovering from an injury, have severe back pain, or need to wear waist braces for a medical condition, there are many benefits to wearing waist trainer.

Because the lumbar support supports the waist and core muscles, it relaxes your body, relieves pressure on the waist, and effectively relieves pain.

Weight lifting belts

The weight lifting belts is a thick leather belt that protects the waist and back. It can be used in squats, standing presses or deadlifts. It is a protective device that protects the waist muscles and soft tissues from harm. Because weight lifting sometimes lifts weight heavier than your own body weight, you must protect your waist to prevent injury. In addition, you can maximize the human power potential so that all your strength can be used to lift the barbell.

Custom gym belt to meet your needs.

Custom gym belt can be customized logo, make you more satisfied.

Custom gym belt let you have more personality and show your personal charm.

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