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Trampolines With Roof Ladder

Item No. : F02705

Product Name: Trampolines With Roof Ladder

Material: Plush, Steel Pipe, Mesh, Spring

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Plush, Steel Pipe, Mesh, Spring

NameTrampolines With Roof LadderSize
FunctionWeight loss, fitness.OriginChina
PackingCarton packing.


High quality PP jumping cloth - This 10ft trampoline with enclosure and ladder is made of high-quality PP jumping cloth, which can bear large weight and ensure bouncing ability. And galvanized steel wire spring is not easy to deform so that the trampoline can be used for a long time.

U-Leg Design - This 10ft trampoline with enclosure and ladder has a U-shaped steel leg design to provide sufficient stability and support for the entire trampoline so that the trampoline is not prone to roll over.

Enclosure and roof design - This 10ft trampoline with enclosure and ladder is equipped with a protective net to ensure the safety of people while playing. Seine net and roof can protect people from ultraviolet light to a certain extent. It also has ladders for easy climbing. You can safely let your children play on a trampoline with a protective net.

Glazing plated steel hook -  This 10ft trampoline with enclosure and ladder is made of galvanized steel hook to connect the jumper cloth and bracket, which is safe and durable, ensuring safety when you jump on the trampoline, and this hook is not easy to rust, ensuring the service life of the trampoline.

Non-slip ladders -  Galvanized ladders with non-slip steps help children get on and off trampolines safely. The ladder is designed to hook securely to the frame but under the safety cushion.

Easy to assemble -  Includes all assembly tools, can easily assemble trampoline with only 2 people, no need for other specific tools.


Be sure to check the trampoline before each use;

Do not use for people with hypertension;

Please do not wear shoes on the trampoline;

Pets are not allowed;

To ensure the life of the trampoline, do not allow the trampoline to be affected by humidity and high temperature.

We are 10ft trampoline with enclosure and ladder manufacturer, it is our aim to ensure the happiness and safety of children, and we are also a 10ft trampoline with enclosure and ladder supplier.

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