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10ft Trampoline With Ladder

Item No. : F02707

Product Name: 10ft Trampoline With Ladder

Material: PP, Mesh, Fabric

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Product Details

[Large Weight Capacity] - This 10ft trampoline with ladder can bear a weight of 100 kg and accommodate 3-4 children. The PP Jumping Cushion is high quality stitched, hand-stitched, and neatly stitched, providing you with comfort and a sense of security when jumping on the mat.

[Rugged Frame Construction] - This 10ft trampoline with ladder is made of a galvanized stainless steel frame. They are durable and rust-resistant, which provides longer service life for trampolines. At the same time the use of imported cutting technology, cutting smooth. Seamless welding technology is adopted to ensure the safety of users. There are 60 high tension springs located in the base section to provide sufficient elasticity for the trampoline.

[Safety Fence Net] - The safety fence is made of high-strength nylon, which can ensure the safety of children. The PE net is perfectly attached to the steel pipe through the sponge sleeve. The housing system uses vertical foam-padded rods to ensure stability and the braided mesh has a double zipper and buckle closing system for increased safety.

[U-Leg] - There are three U-legs at the bottom of the trampoline, which are arranged in an even order to bear the pressure of the trampoline, and they are assembled under the trampoline to provide sufficient stability and support for the entire trampoline. The U-leg makes the trampoline easier to assemble and safer and more durable.

[Quality Assurance] - This 10ft trampoline with ladder is made of high-quality stainless steel, each trampoline is tested before the factory to ensure the safety of each trampoline, we aim to provide you with quality trampolines.

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