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Wholesale Plus Size Sports Bras

Fitop is a leading manufacturer of plus-size sports bras, and we offer manufacturing and customization services. With our collection of plus-size sports bras, we can provide every woman with a comfortable fit and supportive sports undergarment option to stay confident and comfortable while exercising. Whether you're looking for individual or wholesale customized solutions, we've got you covered. Contact us.

Our Plus-size Sports Bras Feature:

No Burdensome Feel, High Impact: Our plus-size sports bras provide high-impact support for you to run and jump without feeling burdened during exercise.

Ultimate comfort, steel ring-free design: The steel ring-free design delivers ultimate comfort and ensures freedom of movement and enjoyment of unrestricted activity.

Adjustable straps and zippers for stabilizing support: Adjustable straps and industrial strength zippers let you adjust the fit while providing stable support.

Back and side support to prevent bouncing: The back and side support design prevents bouncing, allowing you to remain confident during high-intensity movement.

Designed for large chest shapes for comfortable movement: Designed for large chests, you can move comfortably during high-intensity exercises without worrying about discomfort.

Expansive Size Range: Our sports bras are available in an inclusive size range, empowering everyone to embrace an active lifestyle.


Q1: What types of sports equipment market are your plus-size sports bras suitable for?

A1: Our plus-size sports bras suit all types of sports equipment market, including gyms, sports stores, sports brands, etc. We offer a wide range of styles and designs to meet the needs of different markets and consumers.

Q2: Do you offer private labeling/customization services?

A2: We offer private labeling and customization services to help you build your brand image in the plus-size sports bras segment. We can customize styles, fabrics, colors, and packaging to meet your needs.

Q3: What is your production capacity?

A3: With our advanced production equipment and rich manufacturing experience, we can fulfill orders of different sizes. Whether you need high-volume production or small-batch customization, we can provide the right solution.

Q4: How do I get quotations and samples?

A4: If you are interested in cooperation, contact us through our website or contact page. Our sales team will happily provide you with a detailed product quotation and sample arrangement.

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