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Open Back Yoga Top

Open Back Yoga Tops

Looking for open back yoga tops? FITOP has got it all for you.

Open back yoga tops are perfect for all women for yoga, exercise and fitness and can be equally stylish for everyday wear. The tops are made of nylon, polyester and spandex for excellent stretch and breathability. The open back design also ensures coolness and comfort at all times during workouts. 

If you want to buy open back yoga tops, we have a large collection and styles for you to choose from, OEM/ODM available. Feel free to browse our website to discover more products and special offers. Download our latest catalog or send us an inquiry now to get a free quote!


Buy Open Back Yoga Tops Now

At FITOP, you can find a wide range of styles of wholesale backless yoga tops, as well as other yoga apparel and accessories. We work with retailers around the world as a supplier.

The 3D cut gives you total freedom of movement and is super soft, with the right fit to make it both body-contouring and allow you to move and lift. Skin-friendly, lightweight and stylish, these open back yoga tops are perfect for hot yoga, gym, sports, workouts or just a warm day outside.

We also have other yoga tops, yoga pants and yoga sets, all are available in a variety of colors, retailers are free to choose to appeal to their female customers.

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