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Color Coded Push Up Board

Item No. : F02670

Product Name: Color Coded Push Up Board

Color: Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red

Material: Plastic

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ItemPush Up Stand
NameColor Coded Push Up BoardSize
31.5X19X9.5 (cm)
ColorBlack, Light Blue, Dark Blue, RedWeight
FunctionComprehensive fitness exercise.OriginChina
PackingSeparate opp bag, paper card or bulk as customer's requirement.


[Save Time] - Use this color coded push up stand for just 30 minutes a day to build muscle, increase upper and lower body strength, burn calories and lose weight.

[Multi-Function] - Multi-function color coded push up stand. Different colors code specific muscles, blue for the chest, red for the shoulders, yellow for the back, and green for the triceps. The two handles can be switched to multiple positions and angles to exercise upper body muscle groups. Burn calories and lose weight for effective physical exercise.

[Durable] - Push plate and handle made of high-density ABS material, tough and not easy to break or damage, durable.

[Perfect Design] - Simply insert the handle into the desired color-coded position to help shape and maximize your chest, shoulders, back, and triceps. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, it will help you achieve your goals.

[Portable] - Foldable design, small size, easy to carry and store. Color coded push up stand can be taken with you, such as home, office, school, outdoor park, etc., to meet your fitness needs anytime and anywhere.

[Non-slip Handle Cover] -The handle adopts a non-slip design to ensure comfortable and safe movement. Carefully equipped handle covers to protect hands, suitable for all men and women, boys and girls.

You can use this color coded push up stand for training, and you can also achieve the effect of training in the gym.

FITOP has professional production technology and R&D personnel to provide you with high-quality products. You can buy color coded push up stand with confidence.

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