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Medical Hinged ROM Orthopedic Fractures Support Knee Brace

Item No. : F02404

Product name: Medical Hinged ROM Orthopedic Fractures Support Knee Brace

Type: Leg Brace

Color: Black

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Product Details

  • Effective knee rehabilitation support: Provide extra stabilized support for patellar tendon, tear meniscus, ACL, PCL surgery after and broken leg. Relief pain for the rehabilitation process and speed up recovery time. Rom knee brace hinged can also minimizes the risk of re-injury.

  • Control the range of knee motion: Can greatly improve the immobilizer and stability of the knee. Push switch tab along the open direction to “unlock” the hinge, and set the flexion/extension to desired position, then push switch tab back to "lock" finish the setting. Locking dial be adjusted between 0° to 120° range of flexion and 0° to 90° range of extension, adjustment unit is 10 degrees, adjustable hing ROM easy to personalize.

  • Open design: The open Rom locking brace is fully adjustable that suitable for most adult leg sizes. Adjust fastening straps according to self size, and just feature quick-release buckles when put on the brace again later.

  • Easy to adjust: The leg brace support rod made of aluminum alloy. Press in the adjustment button and then adjust metal bar to desired length, release the button to lock it. In addition, each support point with lightweight soft pad for greater comfort brace.

  • Please confirm the size before purchase: Hinged knee brace suitable for men and women, left/right leg.

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