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Breathable Orthopedic Medical Arm Sling

Item No. : F02201

Product name: Breathable Orthopedic Medical Arm Sling 

Properties: Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies

Type: Arm Sling

Color: White

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Product Details

  • Keep your arm cool : Cool mesh material, the mesh is lightweight that allows air to circulate easily. You will feel your arm can "breathe" through the mesh better than the thick heavy or bulky sling. This feature really helps your skin from drying out.

  • Keep your arm safe : This sling come with a "thumb strap" to hook the thumb into. This helps keep the sling on. If you don’t like the thumb strap, we also design a “hand strap” that goes over the palm of the hand.

  • Hook and loop closure: The patients will be easy to adjust, put on and take off by one hand

  • Comfortable shoulder pad: we make sure to design the pad without any sharp edges or corners. The padding is enough to provide cushion without being too bulky or hot. The shoulder pad is also able to cover the join of the strap where it attaches with hook and loop closure, thus making it even more comfortable.,

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