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Pregnancy Support Belt

Item No. : F02503

Product name : pregnancy support belt    

Color: Skin Color/Black/Pink

Material: Nylon

Feature: Adjustable

Size: 118cm*18cm

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Product Details

Feel relaxed - thanks to the curved design of our pregnancy support belt will lift the abdomen, support the waist and waist to relieve abdominal pressure and relieve sciatic nerves, hips, back, waist, pelvis and stomach pain, maternal belt pregnancy support to make you throughout pregnancy Stay active

The pregnant belt gives you enough stretch and you can wear it for all your daily activities. Pregnancy belly adhesives are also suitable for running or exercising and exercising mom.

 Reduces pain and supports the abdomen as it grows in the abdomen, especially for mothers with twins. Abdominal adhesives reduce bladder pressure, improve blood circulation, and promote good posture. This is your baby's prenatal cradle. (You can also use it after pregnancy.)

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