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There are many styles and classifications of skipping ropes, including ordinary skipping rope, aluminum alloy skipping rope, weight-bearing skipping rope, adjustable skipping rope, and a variety of widths, materials and colors. You can buy them according to your needs.

We are a jump rope supplier, specializing in the production of jump rope, with many years of production experience, to provide customers with customized services to meet the customized needs of customers.

Our jump rope is ergonomic, has a comfortable handle, has a non-slip function, and is light in weight. In order to obtain a good swing effect, the rope itself may not be too light. To reduce friction and increase speed, we use one or two bearings on each handle. 

At the same time, as a jump rope manufacturer, we continue to innovate and optimize our products, just to make customers more satisfied. Jump rope manufacturer are committed to producing better skipping ropes for you. If you need them, please feel free to contact us to custom skipping rope.

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