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Yoga Pants Fabric Selection Tips


Yoga pants are becoming more and more popular. Many people have begun to buy yoga pants. Buyers also attach great importance to the quality of yoga pants. 

As a manufacturer of yoga pants, we have sorted out the advantages and disadvantages of some common fabrics for everyone, as well as common yoga fabric characteristics.

Fiber classification:

1. Natural fiber

Plant fiber: cotton, hemp, fruit fiber, modal

Animal fiber: wool, cashmere, silk

Mineral fiber: asbestos fiber

2. Chemical fiber

Recycled fiber: viscose fiber, acetate fiber

Synthetic fiber: polyester, nylon, spandex, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene

Inorganic fiber: glass fiber, metal fiber

Yoga Pants Fabric Selection Tips


Advantages: hydrophilic fiber, fast moisture absorption, fast-drying, durable, good hand feel, good conformability, no pilling, no static electricity problems

Disadvantages: poor gloss, lack of elasticity and resilience, weakened by resin calendering or acid, shrinkage when washing with water, and easy to wrinkle


Advantages: smooth fiber surface, linen feel, elasticity, conformability, durability, heat

Good shape, sunlight resistance, abrasion resistance, good shape retention, dimensional stability, easy washing and quick drying.

Disadvantages: No water absorption, poor air permeability, poor dyeability, easy to fuzz and pilling, easy to generate static electricity

Yoga Pants Fabric Selection Tips


Advantages: good wear resistance, high strength, good elastic recovery

Disadvantages: easy to deform, poor fabric shape retention, poor air permeability


Advantages: good elasticity, can be stretched 5-8 times, not aging, sweat-resistant, seawater resistant and resistant to various dry cleaning agents and most sunscreen oils, used for most dyes and finishing agents for synthetic fibers and natural fibers

Disadvantages: Spandex cannot be woven alone, has poor moisture absorption, and has lower strength and poor heat resistance compared with common fibers. It cannot be woven alone, and is generally woven with other materials.

Common Yoga Pants fabrics:

1. Nylon + Spandex:

It is often used in high-end swimwear, yoga wear, fitness wear and self-cultivation products. Is currently the best quality yoga fabric,

Wearing the fabric can fully feel the changes of the body during exercise and make the movements easier to place.


Soft and comfortable, strong and bright

Fiber flexibility, anti-wrinkle, anti-sassafras, anti-tear

Not easy to deform, excellent resilience

Windproof, quick-drying, anti-odor

Reduce muscle vibration

2. Polyester + Spandex:

It is often used in loose-fitting clothes, it feels comfortable on the skin, suitable for wicking sports, and still keeps the body dry.


Perspiration, strong breathability

Thin and soft

Perspiration quick-drying, long-lasting comfort

Not easy to deform, excellent resilience

3. Polyester + Spandex:

It is often used in professional Sports Bra products.



Quick-drying and breathable

High flexibility

High toughness

4. Cotton + Spandex:

Used to make various styles of singlets and vests.


Smooth surface, clear texture, fine texture

The hand feels smooth, with good vertical and horizontal extensibility, and the horizontal extensibility is greater than the vertical extensibility

Good moisture absorption and air permeability

In summary, Nylon + Spandex fabric is currently the best quality yoga pants fabric on the market. Fitop mass-produces Nylon + Spandex yoga pants and has a lot of experience. 

Welcome to contact us for wholesale purchases. We look forward to establishing a long-term friendly relationship with you. 

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