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Why Is Athleisure Wear So Popular


Have you noticed the current street style: women in leggings, crop tops, and sports bras, men in sweatpants, hoodies, and sneakers. Everyone looks like they just finished working out at the gym, sipping coffee at the coffee shop, having brunch with friends, or going downtown shopping.

According to the latest Euromonitor data, the global sportswear retail market, including sports and leisure, will reach $666.2 billion in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 22%, ranking first in both absolute scale and relative growth rate of all clothing categories.

What is athleisure?

Athleisure is one of the most famous fashion trends taking the world by storm. Athleisure is the sum of sports and leisure. Athleisure refers to casual clothing designed for sports and general use. As a fashion trend, activewear is a trend; clothes designed for physical activity are used for other purposes, such as workwear, casual wear, or social occasions. The most common athleisure wear is leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, sports tank tops, sports bras, hoodies, bodysuits, shorts, sneakers, and more. This trend is growing fast, and athleisure can now be seen as a movement in the fashion industry. It's a blend of sporty and casual, designed to provide a comfortable garment that's sturdy enough for the wearer to work out in it.

Why Is Athleisure Wear So Popular

Why the athleisure trend won't stop?

Brand innovation

Sports brands are constantly researching styles and fabrics, with the goal of creating better fabrics and functions. Comfort and feeling are the top priorities of sports brands.

Parallel to innovation, fashion is another factor that sports brands can get more from athleisure brands.

As the athleisure market has gotten hotter, it has created tougher times for the fashion industry.

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Comfortable and leisurely lifestyle

While activewear is for movement and exercise, athleisure wear can be worn anytime, anywhere. For the same reason, athleisure clothing appeals to a lot of people, not just fitness enthusiasts.

The athleisure trend is more popular at social events and parties. Wear them on street walks and at dinner. No one will stare at you. Activewear is more durable, odor-resistant, and less prone to wrinkles. As a result, more people are wearing them, and more brands are making them.

Easy maintenance

Athleisure clothing not only saves us the time of changing from one activity to another, but it is also easier to take care of than many alternatives on the market. Forget the meticulous sizing and ironing required for cotton shirts or the expensive dry cleaning of suits and formalwear, athleisure clothing can often be washed easily in a home washing machine without wrinkling, so there is no need to find time to schedule ironing on the go.

Why Is Athleisure Wear So Popular

Weather adaptive

Unlike clothing that is time-specific, athleisure is suitable for all weathers. Activewear fabric is ideal for summer because it wicks sweat and keeps moisture away from the skin, keeping the body dry and cool. Coats and hoodies are also suitable for winter and cold weather as they help regulate body temperature.

Rise of the fitness lifestyle

The fitness industry is being vigorously promoted, and more and more people are paying attention to a healthy mentality and a healthy lifestyle. Many fitness influencers gain a lot of followers on social media. They regularly promote activewear and many of their followers follow this trend. This led to a craze for athleisure, with activewear being worn on the runway, on the street, and in the gym.

Athleisure is sports fashion and fashionable sportswear. Both women and men want to look good and stylish in comfortable and casual clothes. The fashion world has a clear message: People will continue to buy athleisure — now and in the future.

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