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Why Do You Need Cycling Gloves


As cycling has become more and more popular, bike riding hand gloves have become essential cycling equipment for riders. At the same time, some people may also have doubts. Are cycling gloves useful? Why do you need cycling gloves? 

The reason for wearing bike riding hand gloves:

1. The security

When we ride on the roads, there is always the risk of an accident, whether our cycling skills are good or not. No one wants to be in an accident or even dangerous while riding, but sometimes accidents do happen and you need to take steps to protect yourself.

When you fall to the ground because of a dangerous ride, your first instinct is to use your hands for support. In this case, wearing gloves for bicycle riding can protect your hands from abrasions or gravel. It is your reflexive response to cut your hands to stop falling. Gloves can serve as a useful first layer of defense to prevent painful cuts and bruises.

Why Do You Need Cycling Gloves

2. Warm

Cycling in the wind requires fighting the wind, especially when the air is colder, which means our bodies and hands are subjected to lower temperatures. The outer surface of the cycling gloves has a windshield to provide warmth for you. While the upper part of the glove keeps the wind out, the lower part has billions of pores that allow water vapor to escape. This enables you to have a warm, dry and comfortable winter cycling experience.

3. The grip

When riding in warm, humid conditions, your hands will sweat and it's easy to slide over the handlebars. Gloves help absorb sweat, keep your hands dry, and keep you safely on the handlebars at all times. Bicycle riding gloves are especially useful when you're caught in the rain.

4. Comfortable

Pads on the gloves help to cushion the vibration of your hands from passing through the bike and handlebars to the main contact point. When riding, you put pressure on the ulnar nerve and median nerve. Wearing gloves can reduce these pressure points and improve overall comfort. Otherwise, riding for a long time will make you feel numbness, tingling, and even pain in your fingers, which will affect your normal cycling.

Why Do You Need Cycling Gloves

5. Injury prevention

Cyclists are prone to handlebar paralysis. This is an injury caused by prolonged compression of a nerve in the wrist. The pain can be severe, and if you are not careful, you may also suffer nerve damage. Therefore, wearing road bike gloves helps to distribute the force exerted on these nerves and reduces your chance of injury.

6. Clean face

Most gloves on the market have a soft towel section that can usually be placed on the received thumb. This is used to wipe off sweat and mucus. When you produce these body fluids while cycling, you will be limited by cycling conditions and not be able to wipe them with towels or paper towels. So cycling gloves provide good help for you.

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