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What Weight Dumbbell Should I Use


Dumbbell is multi-functional fitness equipment, is important fitness equipment for strength training, can help you with muscle training, and can play an important role in muscle growth. Working out with dumbbells can be less convenient than other fitness machines, largely because you need to choose the weight of the dumbbells for your workouts. If you use the wrong weights during your training, you may be doing ineffective workouts and doing harm to your body. If you don't know how to use multiple dumbbells at the beginning, you can read our article so that you can exercise better. What size dumbbells do I need? What weight dumbbell should I use? You can use the following tips to choose the weight of the dumbbells to help you with muscle training. 

What Weight Dumbbell Should I Use

Beginners guide to dumbbells:

To warm up first

It is always a good idea to warm up your muscles before starting to test different dumbbells. The best way to warm up is to stretch the ligaments you're using and raise your heart rate with a quick jog. Another method you can try is to use a resistance band, which will prepare your muscles for lifting the dumbbells. By warming up, you get a good idea of the weight of the dumbbells you should use for any exercise because your muscles are ready.

Feel them

When you start using dumbbells, the important first step is simply to feel them. The weight in the hand. You might think that a 50-pound dumbbell would be easy until you put yourself in a position to exercise. A good time to feel the weight of a dumbbell is when you first pick it up from the shelf. Is it easy to lift or does it take a lot of effort? Another part of feeling them is testing your grip. If you can barely hold the dumbbells when you clench them, you may want to lose weight so that you can better control the dumbbells. These are all effective steps to determine your optimal weight.

Build your strength level

Once you can easily do three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions, with a break of about 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets, it's time to gain weight. Ideally, you want to find places where maintaining a good 10-15 REP becomes difficult. From here you find a suitable weight, your body will start to grow and adapt to this weight, which means you will start to get stronger and healthier. As soon as the new weight you want to perform becomes easier, increase the weight again between 2.5 and 5 pounds, and repeat again.

What Weight Dumbbell Should I Use

According to exercise needs

The amount of weight you should lift with dumbbells will also largely depend on what exercise you are doing at the time. For example, a workout with more repetitions will usually require you to lose weight, while a workout with fewer repetitions will require a heavier weight.

Dumbbell exercises that require weight loss include:

Triceps muscle extension

Push-ups curl

Separate squat shoulder lifts


Military press

Dumbbell exercises that require weight gain include:


The bench press

A hard pull

Keep the challenging aspects in mind and adjust to your workout. If there are many representatives, then at the end of the lift, losing weight will ultimately be just as challenging.

Consider your health or physical condition

Another tip on how to choose the right weight is to consider your current state of health or body shape. If you are injured, in pain, or have not exercised for a while, it is best to choose a lighter weight as lifting at your normal weight may lead to further injury. A better option is to rest your muscles or exercise another muscle group so they can recover normally.

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