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What to Wear for Yoga


Practicing canine or trying a new yoga balance pose in a yoga studio is challenging enough in itself, but it is even more difficult when you are fiddling with a sagging, too tight or uncomfortable yoga clothing. This is why it is important for us to buy breathable, comfortable and flexible clothes.

The yoga suit you buy depends to a large extent on personal preferences and the yoga style you plan to practice. But at a high level, here is what yoga wear:

  • Breathable and flexible bottoms, such as yoga pants or shorts

  • Breathable, narrow, or fit top that won't hang on your head when you stand upside down

  • Sports bra or built-in bra can provide enough support for women when practicing yoga.

  • Comfortable and warm top, suitable for relaxing after class

Yoga Clothing

What to wear for yoga

No matter where we go in life, we all like to dress for different occasions, and yoga classes are no exception-the right clothes can allow you to complete your yoga exercises without being distracted by changing clothes or tight clothes.

There are many different clothing brands selling high-quality yoga wear. The number of options is huge, and a lot of people seem to have figured it all out, which makes the first step very stressful. You might think that the lack of proper clothing means you shouldn't be in class.

That is not the case. There are no rules for attending yoga classes. The whole purpose of yoga clothes is for your own comfort and mobility. Having said that, be sure to wear appropriate and comfortable clothes.

When deciding what to wear to yoga, you still need to consider the type of course you attend. This article outlines the main garments on the market and the characteristics of each garment.

What to look for in yoga clothing?

From yoga pants to hot yoga shorts, your yoga clothes should share a key point: comfort. Do your clothes fit and are comfortable to wear? Do they provide enough coverage and support so that you can focus on making the most of your posture instead of adjusting your clothes?

Flexibility is also important when buying a yoga suit. No matter where you are, you want your clothes to move with you. If they prevent you from entering a deep stretch or pose, then they are not good for you. With this in mind, look for yoga clothes made of breathable, lightweight fabrics so that they will be easier to move.

When you try on your clothes, you can give them a quick test. Stretch, sit, bend and move in order to understand their performance in training.

Now that you know what features to prioritize when shopping for yoga clothes, let's dive into what to wear to a yoga class.

Yoga Pants and Yoga Leggings

Whether you are new to yoga or practicing in-depth, we recommend putting a couple of different yoga tights in your closet. There are many kinds of these, so choose the clothes you feel most comfortable with.

Yoga clothing brands offer a variety of styles of yoga pants of different lengths and styles. As with all yoga suits, look for yoga pants or yoga tights that provide breathability, flexibility and comfort. Nylon-spandex pants are a good choice because they will move with your posture and can absorb moisture and sweat.

Some people like flared yoga pants, which allow their ankles to move more freely. High-waisted yoga pants will provide better support and less exposure. Yoga pants with pockets can hold some needed things such as paper towels and mobile phones within easy reach.

There are also many color choices for yoga pants. Black yoga pants are a simple choice that can be matched with most things. Some people like bright colors to express their personality. No matter which style you buy, make sure they are flexible, have excellent perspiration, are comfortable and do not see-through when bending over.

Yoga Pants

Yoga Tops

Lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics are ideal for yoga tops. Choosing a slightly fitting yoga shirt is a good idea to prevent them from moving or riding in any upside-down position. There are also many styles of yoga tops, from yoga navel tops to yoga short sleeves to vests.

The right yoga top will not move around during the lower dog style, and you will be more comfortable wearing a loose top that flows with each movement. Regardless of the style, most yoga enthusiasts prefer to wear a fitted T-shirt or vest with tight hips and waist. This narrow fit prevents the shirt from falling off the head when it is bent forward. Shirts made of breathable, moisture-wicking materials and soft seams are also good ideas.

Yoga Tops

Sports bra

The first thing to consider when buying a sports bra is the amount of support you need, depending on the size of the chest and the strength of the course. This may mean that the bra has a compression function, a steel ring or a high collar to reduce bounce. The sports bra you choose will depend on your bra size and coverage needs. Generally speaking, high-intensity courses like power tandem need more support because you may twist and reverse (upside down). If you plan to take a low-intensity course like Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga, then a lower level of support is fine.

Ideally, yoga sports bras should not have any buckles or zippers, because they can penetrate into your skin in certain locations. If you like styles other than the set style, please choose a sports bra with a front button to minimize irritation.


Yoga Shorts

As with yoga pants, flexibility is especially important here. Shorts with high-quality sweat-wicking ability can prevent any embarrassing humidity in the studio. Longer, fitted yoga shorts are usually more comfortable.

Yoga Shorts

Yoga Jacket

In the cold season, it is also good to carry a yoga jacket, especially when you sweat after yoga exercises, during which you are prone to colds. It is also convenient to wear before and after yoga classes. A lighter, slightly loose fit may also be more comfortable, especially in sweaty clothes. Sometimes you can also exercise directly in a yoga jacket.

Yoga Jackets

How to maintain yoga clothes?

If in doubt, please refer to the label for instructions on how to clean your yoga clothes. Some clothes may need to be hand washed and air dried naturally, while other items can be put into ordinary washing machines and dryers. As with other gym clothes, yoga clothes can easily stink because of your hard work on the mat. To keep it fresh, use sports washing powder to remove odors.

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