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What to Look for in Workout Leggings


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When shopping for workout leggings, it can be hard to know where to start. 

There are so many options! Professional advice to help you find the best workout leggings.

Consider the fabric

The fabric you choose depends on your purpose and needs.

Cotton Fabrics: If comfort is your primary choice, you may choose cotton leggings. However, over time, cotton can stretch and warp. In addition, it does not absorb moisture well.

Synthetic Fabrics: Synthetic materials include nylon, spandex, and polyester. These fabrics are usually moisture-wicking and help keep you dry. Although synthetic fabrics are not as soft as cotton fabrics, they do hold their shape well.

Some leggings may contain a cotton-synthetic blend. This helps to combine the benefits of both fabrics. When choosing fabrics, also pay attention to the climate. Thick fabrics are good for cold weather. Meanwhile, lightweight fabrics are a good choice for activities such as hot yoga.

Determine the workout program

The right workout leggings can help you make the most of your time at the gym. Here are some suggestions for general workout routines.

Running/Aerobics: High-intensity workouts require durable leggings to help you get the job done. Sweat-wicking materials are a must, as they will increase your heart rate. If you run or bike outdoors, you will need a small pocket on your tights to store your keys. When you are at the gym, you can use this pocket to carry your phone.

Stretching: Sitting, stretching, and bending mean you need stretchy leggings. Natural fibers such as cotton and bamboo are good choices because they are soft on the skin. Avoid leggings with zippers or drawstrings; these can press you uncomfortably if you are lying on your stomach, side, or back. Look for high-waisted pants for added comfort when performing exercises that require a lot of bending.

Weight lifting: You can test leggings by squatting, bending, and lifting weights. Since most of your workouts are done in front of a mirror, there's no shame in picking out some particularly cute workout pants. Leggings that cinch in at the waist are perfect for functional workouts like weightlifting and cardio.

The right length

leggings by length

Leggings are available in a variety of lengths.

No one length is better than another, but it's important to know what you like and what works best for the activity you're currently doing. Some people like the look and feel of capri tights, while others find their length uncomfortable on the legs.

You can choose a legging style that is below the knee. Or, you can choose full-length leggings that are below the ankle. You can also choose between these two lengths if it is really hard to choose between them.

Most of the time, activity and temperature dictate the best length. For example, inclement weather and outdoor sports often call for full-length tights.

Choose a high waist

When participating in any form of physical activity, you want your tights to stay in place and allow you to feel confident during the activity. The last thing you want is to feel your workout tights slipping down in the middle of a spin class or during a yoga pose.

The best workout tights have a high waist, which is what you want to look for when shopping. High-waisted leggings won't slip or make you feel uncomfortable. They're also more flattering, so they can give you the extra confidence you need to tackle hard workouts.

Define your style

Finally, what's your style?

Want to keep your workout wear simple and timeless? In this case, it's best to choose standard colors like black, gray, and blue. This will make your closet more timeless and provide you with a personal style for years to come.

On the other hand, you may prefer stylish and unique sportswear. With this in mind, why not choose bright colors and patterns when choosing athletic leggings?

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