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What to Consider When Choosing a Sportswear Manufacturer


Finding a sportswear manufacturer can be a daunting task for small and medium-sized businesses, when you finally find one, there are a lot of parameters that need to implement. MOQ, schedule, appropriate quality, good communication, etc. In this article, we present tips on finding the right clothing manufacturer for your sportswear business.

Are you looking for the best sportswear manufacturer in China? Want some helpful advice on how to find a manufacturer? Well, it's not that hard, as long as you know what you are looking for and what your needs and requirements are. However, to help you choose a suitable sportswear manufacturer, you can refer to the following suggestions.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sportswear Manufacturer

Production capacity

You must pay attention to this issue, not for your current orders, but your future activities. If you are a new business, your first orders may be small. But what if your business turns around and you need to increase the number and frequency of your orders? You must make sure that your current manufacturer is available to assist your operation in the future; otherwise, you may find yourself starting from scratch again to find a new manufacturer. Discuss your future requirements with your factory's manufacturer and choose wisely the company that will grow with your brand.

Quality of work

The most important factor is the quality of their work. When you have a clothing business, which is a struggling industry, you should always check the quality of the manufacturer's work first. To find out this, ask them to show you their list of past clients. Listen to references and get feedback from their previous clients to know their work ethic. Make sure that they have expertise by asking about the choice of sportswear fabrics, their product development process, and their recommendations to get an idea of their level of knowledge in this particular field.


Another factor to consider when choosing a good sportswear manufacturer is price. When you are in the beginning stages, there is no privilege to having a large budget for your sportswear/fitness clothing line. Finances are critical, and every dollar counts. Service fees must be transparent and ensure that there are no surprise charges somewhere in the production process.


See what kind of catalog the manufacturer has and if the items in it are what you are looking for. Always remember that the larger the catalog,  the more variety there will be for you to choose from. From shorts to t-shirts to tank tops to sports bras to workout pants and more, their catalog should show everything to satisfy you and your workout-addicted clients.


Make sure you work with a manufacturer that not only offers customization options for your clothing but also allows you the ease and flexibility to design your own. The manufacturer should be able to understand all of your bulk creative needs and promise to turn your imagination into a beautiful reality. In addition, a good manufacturer will ensure that you are provided with samples containing all of your creative input before proceeding to wholesale production.

FITOP - Private Label Sports Apparel Manufacturing

Fitop - Sportswear Manufacturer

An ever-increasing number of online stores or retailers are currently selling sportswear under their own brands, and thusly, not exclusively would you be able to slowly expand your store's image presence, you can get more recurrent clients and gain higher net revenues. The worth of unbranded apparel is the most minimal, and when active apparel has a brand, its worth will likewise increment.


It is a good idea for the manufacturer to provide samples of the items ordered. They may charge you for this, but it's a good investment if you don't want to end up with a whole batch of incorrect items.

Minimum order and shipping costs

When finalizing a manufacturer, first you must understand the selling power of your brand and need to make sure your business is a good fit for their manufacturing services and ask about their order minimums. Many sportswear manufacturers do not cater to small start-ups and young brands that need more support and often in smaller quantities. However the lower the number of orders, the better the buying experience.

Support Services

Any professional apparel manufacturer is not only limited to providing production but must also be handy when it comes to input, advice, and tips regarding customer projects. The custom sportswear/fitness wear manufacturer you want to hire must be a veteran of this industry and they can be considered an expert in this type of garment manufacturing. Their advice and input will provide great development for the success of this venture. Make sure they can also help you with your design documents, such as creating a garment technical package, as well as the fabric selection and sample-making process.


Choosing the right apparel manufacturer is a critical decision for your fashion business. The manufacturer is one of the most valuable partners your business relies on. Timely product delivery and overall customer satisfaction depend heavily on the reliability of your apparel manufacturer.

So take your time, conduct your due diligence, evaluate all your options carefully, and don't rush into a decision. Choosing the right apparel manufacturer can take time and be exhausting at times, but by following the guidelines above, you will have a solid foundation for your fashion business.

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