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Benefits of Using the Yoga Ball


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This appearance like a toy like a large ball can be used for fitness, it is called yoga ball, this rubbery yoga ball can withstand up to 400 kg of pressure. But this cute thing is quite naughty, if you do not grasp the main points but to be played by it to turn around oh. Yoga ball is a new, interesting, special sports and fitness exercise, now the yoga ball exercise this exercise with its fun, soothing, safe, obvious effect and other characteristics especially favored by the public.

Yoga ball exercise first originated in Switzerland. It was originally used as a rehabilitation medical device to help those with motor nerve damage to restore balance and movement. With its role in coordinating and rehabilitating the back, neck, hips and knees, it was gradually extended and promoted as a popular health exercise, and spread to the United States, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world, widely popular and enduring. It is also the product of choice for pregnant women's activities. By the training ball also produces a rather interesting, beautiful exercise, that is, yoga ball exercise.

We understand the many benefits this simple and ingenious device can bring. The main benefit of working out with yoga balls balls is that the body reacts to the instability of the ball to maintain balance, which leads to greater activation of the core muscles, thus training the body to balance, improve sitting posture, and increase circulation. Today, many athletes use these puncture-proof balls in their training to develop balance, stability, and even as a weight training tool.

The benefits of yoga ball exercise

Suitable for all people

Yoga ball exercise is suitable for all people to exercise, including those who need rehabilitation, it makes the exercise safer for exercisers to avoid strong impact on joints and avoid sports injuries. Some people with low back injuries may not be able to do sit-ups because of low back injuries, but when doing yoga ball exercises, the soft yoga ball can be used to help the exerciser do the exercise and can play a role of support.

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Great Fun

Yoga ball exercise has a strong sense of fun. When exercisers perform ordinary equipment exercises, such as treadmill and sit-ups, exercisers can only burn calories by repeating a few movements for a long time, which makes the fitness process of exercisers very boring and tedious. The yoga ball exercise changes the previous patterned training method, allowing the exerciser to play with the ball along with the enthusiastic and exuberant music. Sometimes the exerciser sits on the ball, sometimes lifts the ball to do jumping exercises, these interesting movements make the whole process extremely entertaining.

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Training balance

Yoga ball exercise helps train the body's balance. In the past, fitness exercises were carried out on the ground or on equipment with high stability, and the exerciser did not have to think much about the balance of the body. The yoga ball is different, with the help of the yoga ball off the ground, for example: sitting on the ball is a balance exercise, raise a leg, the balance difficulty increases a little. The raised leg will be slightly moved will be more difficult. And in doing legs on the ball hands propped up on the ground to do push-ups, athletes to complete the action of bending and stretching the arms, first of all, to maintain the balance of the body, not to let the ball roll, you have to rely on the legs, waist, abdominal strength to control, which makes the body's coordination and muscle control ability to get effective training.

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Promotes blood circulation

Yoga ball exercise has a massage effect. The highest level of the yoga ball is the person and the ball as one, yoga ball exercise movements designed to achieve full contact between the human body and the sphere, if the use of soft PVC material made of yoga ball, when the human body and the contact, the internal inflatable yoga ball will evenly touch the body's contact parts to produce a massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.

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Improving sitting posture

When a person sits on a ball, the body is not relaxed and your back, hips, knees and other parts of your body are still constantly making subtle adjustments to enable you to maintain balance. These subtle adjustments help the blood circulation of the discs in the spine and strengthen the back. By adjusting one's body weight and balance at all times, one increases the movement of the spine, strengthens the back and maintains proper sitting posture. At the same time, the elasticity of the yoga ball can be used to correct one's sitting posture. Therefore, when sitting on the yoga ball, the exerciser will involuntarily straighten his back and open both shoulders backwards, which is the body's instinctive reaction to prevent falling and is a correct sitting posture.

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Note: Sportsmen who come to do yoga ball exercise had better wear tight sports clothes, because when doing exercise, the human body will often come in contact with the ball, loose clothes will make the movement not flexible. At the same time, it is best to choose shoes with non-slip soles, but of course, this also needs to be considered according to the situation of the ground in the fitness center. In addition, when doing yoga ball exercise should be prepared with water and towel to replenish water at any time.

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