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What Equipment Do You Need For Yoga


When you first start doing yoga, it is difficult to know what yoga clothing and equipment you really need to buy.Many people want to know what yoga equipment you really need in addition to a yoga mat, which can improve your posture during yoga, strengthen your practice, help you do better movements, challenge yourself and stay comfortable, so that you can enjoy the fun of practice .

For your sustainable yoga practice, investment in high-quality yoga equipment will become more and more important.Here are the yoga equipment for beginners.

Yoga Mat

In yoga, the use of yoga mats is commonplace. The yoga mat helps to define your personal space. More importantly, it provides traction for your hands and feet so that you will not slip when you sweat. The soft surface makes your movements more comfortable, and at the same time, it provides traction for your hands and feet. Provide some cushioning on the floor.

If you decide to buy a cheap yoga mat and use it often, you may replace it soon. If you are really going to practice yoga for a long time, you can consider spending some money on a yoga mat. It is important for you to determine the function of a yoga mat, such as length, thickness, material, durability, comfort, traction or how to keep it clean, and then buy it according to your needs.Common yoga mat materials are PVC, EVA, TPE.

TPE yoga mat is your best choice. The advantages of TPE exercise mat are as follows:

  • It is non-toxic, does not contain metal elements, is naturally oxidized and cracked, and can be recycled to avoid environmental pollution.

  • It is soft, fits snugly, strong grip, and the entire mat can stick to the ground.

  • Lightweight, each cushion weighs about 1200 grams, which is about 300 grams lighter than PVC foamed cushions, making it easy to carry and store.

  • Waterproof and non-slip. Even if the soles of the feet and hands are sweaty, the anti-slip effect is still very good if you do yoga exercises on them. The front and back sides are made of beautiful anti-slip particles, and the anti-slip effect is better.

  • Better elasticity and strong elasticity. Although the thickness is only 6mm, because of the strong elasticity, you will feel soft and comfortable when doing yoga on it, and it will not feel thin at all.

    TPE Yoga Mat

Yoga Block

Whether you are a yoga beginner or an advanced practitioner, using yoga blocks will greatly help you change yoga postures and improve your balance. In addition, you will be able to practice more advanced postures with exercise blocks without being injured by overstretching or misalignment.

For example, the one-legged posture is a good hip opening tool when practicing correctly, but it is difficult for anyone to make this posture in the first place. Supporting the buttocks of the front legs can help beginners ease their posture without hurting the back or buttocks. Tips for choosing a yoga block:

Choose the right material

1. Foam-they are light and light, but more cushioning. They are perfect for postures that require you to put your weight on the block without causing pain or discomfort.

2. Wooden-Many yoga teachers only use wooden blocks. However, wooden blocks are heavy and inconvenient to carry.

3. Cork stopper-the softness is between wood brick and wood and foam brick, which can provide more support, but it is still easy to carry.

Choose the right height

The standard height is 4 inches, but you can find yoga blocks between 3 and 5 inches to meet your needs.

Exercise Blocks

Yoga Pants

Yoga movements are relatively soft, and the range is relatively large. Clothes that are too close to the body are not good for stretching. Therefore, the trousers are mainly loose, casual and comfortable. A loose, comfortable clothing allows the body to move freely, avoiding your body and breathing from being restricted, allowing the body and mind to relax, feel good, and enter the yoga state more quickly.

Yoga pants have elastic around the ankles. Yoga pants are elastic and provide some extra space, but due to the elasticity of the ankles, they will stay in place throughout the exercise.

FITOP specializes in the production of yoga equipment and provides yoga equipment for beginners.

Yoga Pants

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