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What Do Colors Of Exercise Bands Mean


The resistance bands are all stretchable, but the strength of different resistance bands will be different. Exercise bands of different colors correspond to different strengths, and then to different frequency bands. You can choose the color that suits you according to your own situation. You can also custom resistance bands .Each frequency band has a specific purpose, depending on your needs.

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How to use a resistance band?

You can think of resistance bands as ideal for weight training. You can use resistance bands for many types of exercises, such as chest exercise with resistance band, resistance band back workout ,resistance band shoulder workout and resistance band shoulder workout. Resistance bands are distinguished by colors. Different colors correspond to resistance bands of different strengths. Different colors and strengths do not correspond to specific weights. Instead, you have to choose the color of the resistance band according to the body part to be applied.

Why use exercise bands for exercise?

Different parts of the human body have different muscle groups, and each muscle group will require different resistance, at least three: light, medium and heavy for effective whole body exercise. Because the muscle size and strength of various parts of the body are different, you need to change the color of the resistance band you need to use according to different body areas and the strength of the muscle group. The resistance band can work in the entire range of motion, but the force on the joints is small, so the pressure on the joints is small.

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The benefits of resistance bands for strength training:

  • Strengthen target muscle groups

  • Improve poor posture and balance

  • Prevent injury, deterioration and disease

  • Help lose weight

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