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Should You Wear A Tennis Elbow Brace


1 What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is mostly caused by overwork, strain, or improper exertion. It is manifested as pain on the outside of the elbow joint. Chronic injuries are often caused by excessive exertion, too rush, and too much force. When the patient plays tennis backhand, it will cause injury to this part, so it is called tennis elbow. It manifests as pain, soreness, weakness, and aggravation of holding pain on the outside of the elbow.

Should You Wear A Tennis Elbow Brace

2 How to relieve tennis elbow?  

Although there are many ways to relieve tennis elbow, such as ice compresses, relaxing the elbow, using medical creams and lotions, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs.These sound like treatments, but they are not helpful for tendon recovery. They just suppress and delay pain to achieve an illusion that you are recovering.Because the tennis player‘s elbow is not injured by excessive force on the elbow, support does not help the tendon to heal. 

(1)Elbow relaxed 

This situation applies to overuse of the elbow, rest as much as possible. If the exercise you do does cause damage to the elbow, you can switch to another exercise. If your work requires the elbow, you can ask your boss if you can perform other tasks before the elbow heals.

(2)Over-the-counter pain relievers

Should You Wear A Tennis Elbow BraceIbuprofen can relieve mild to moderate pain in the elbow. If you need it, you can take it for several weeks.

(3)Ice compress

If you don't want to take medicine, you can use ice compress. Ice can reduce swelling and pain. Several times a day, each time about 15 minutes.

(4)Wear tennis elbow braces

Wear them on your forearm to support your elbow, and it can also relieve a certain amount of pressure on the elbow tendons. You can ask your doctor about the suitable forearm brace.

(5)Changing the tennis racket

If sports equipment is indeed the root of your tennis elbow, then you can choose to replace the appropriate tennis or racket. You can choose a harder racket and a looser string, which may make your elbows more comfortable.

(6)  Physiotherapy

Another way to deal with tennis elbow that cannot be bent is physical therapy, which can promote blood circulation in the ligaments and speed up the recovery of tendons. You 

need a certain period of treatment. If the treatment process is completed, please keep it for a while. If your elbow joint is painless and bends better than ever, continue to maintain the flexibility and firmness of the muscle tissue.

(7)Ask a tennis professional

Before exercising, you should warm up and gently extend your arms, which will reduce your chance of injury. You can ask professionals about the swing movement to avoid excessive fatigue due to excessive force on the elbow.

3  Does the tennis elbow work?

Tennis elbow joint is a ligament injury. During the injury process, the injured ligament will certainly not tear violently, but will gradually be injured. The key problem of tennis elbow is the gradual healing of the ligaments. The biggest hidden danger is that the ligaments cannot be fully recovered or cannot be recovered in any way. Sometimes ligament recovery is often delayed, which can cause a slow fracture of the ligament.

 This is a real case. The ligament is composed of recessive collagen, which is destroyed or denatured, and the normal expected recovery response cannot keep up with the rate of disintegration. The ligaments will gradually recover, but often do not fully recover. Technically speaking, it is called "tenosynovitis" and there is no longer any clinical basis to use tired, old TendonITIS terminology or swelling no longer present. It is incorrect to consider a tennis arm joint as swollen or severely injured.

Should You Wear A Tennis Elbow Brace

Instead, wearing it all day will slow down the healing of the tendon.If you feel comfortable wearing it on your elbows, or even feel better, don't wear it all the time, because you may be "deceived" by its surface effect.But elbow brace will not cause damage to elbow.

While recovering, blood circulation and blood supply to ligaments should be additionally reduced. You can use auxiliary straps, splints, straps or any other possible auxiliary means to accurately reduce blood flow. This method can reduce the flow indirectly by restricting the movement of muscles, ligaments and joints. This is because muscle exercise is permanent. Important blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

Tendons and muscles actually need moderate exercise to recover, so you wear a brace helps recovery and helps prevent cell accumulation.

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