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Precautions For Buying Adjustable Dumbbells


Before buying dumbbells, you need to consider the types of dumbbells. You can learn about the common types of dumbbells on the market:

Adjustable dumbbells

This innovation of dumbbells is a benefit for bodybuilders, because they can now choose one of many dumbbells. The length and weight of the rod can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of discs on both sides, so that you are worth the money, but you need to be ready to assemble and fix them correctly. You want to make some adjustments during training. If you want to save time, please pay attention to the adjustable dumbbell when you buy the next adjustable dumbbell.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells

These dumbbells do not require any assembly, and the length of the rod or the weight of the plate cannot be changed according to your convenience. They can be completely cast from the same material or made of multiple materials. Since it is very difficult to remove the discs from the bar, they are durable dumbbells that can withstand a lot of pressure before they break, so there is minimal risk of injury due to dumbbell breaking during exercise.

Fixed Dumbbells

Frequently asked questions about choosing adjustable weight dumbbells

  • How heavy should my dumbbell weigh?

       A: The weight of dumbbells you choose depends on several factors: your weight, body type, healthy target structure of muscles, strength preparation, aerobic exercise, etc. The activities you plan to do and whether you have used  dumbbells before.

           If you are using dumbbells for the first time, choose a lighter dumbbell. Ladies should start with a load of 5-10 pounds, and men should start with a load of 10-20 pounds. If you want to exercise your muscles, get those dumbbells,  and you can safely complete the four 6-15 repetition arrangements.

           If you are not sure about your weight, buy adjustable dumbbells so you can try to support and perform various activities under various loads.

  • What material is the dumbbell made of, which material do I recommend buying?

        A: Dumbbells are usually accompanied by the following materials:

            Strong metals: They are accompanied by silver metal bars and silver rings. These can usually be accessed on the out lookout. Be careful when using them, because dropping them accidentally may cause injury or injury.

            Elastic dumbbell: The weight plate of the elastic dumbbell is covered with a layer of elastic material to prevent scratches and rust. The accidental fall of elastic dumbbells will not cause damage like steel dumbbells. One obstacle is the solid smell of elastic bands, especially when new dumbbells are used.

            Vinyl-covered dumbbells: These dumbbells are generally made of die-casting and have a vinyl covering. They present various loads in various tones, which helps to identify them.


  • Is exercising dumbbells better than lifting weights?

       A: Dumbbells can separate your muscles more than hand weight, and hand weight can relieve you of a heavy burden. The overburden of the reformers was caused by hand weights rather than dumbbells. However, dumbbells are  better in the following areas:

           They activate muscles more than free weights.Compared with free weights, they provide a better range of motion.They can successfully limit the intensity irregularity between attachments.Dumbbells are safer than weightlifting.

           You should not completely replace another sport. To get the most benefit, you should combine dumbbells and dumbbells with both hands.


  • What types of adjustable weight dumbbells are there?

       A: The adjustable dumbbell can be a standard adjustable dumbbell or a sector-shaped adjustable dumbbell.

            Adjustable dumbbells allow you to add or remove dumbbell plates to change the weight.

            The sector dumbbell is a further improvement of the adjustable dumbbell. They have rare locking components that allow you to easily add or remove counterweight plates whenever you put them on the rack. Compared with standard adjustable dumbbells, you can pile a lot of heavy objects on them.


  • Do I need a dumbbell rack?

       A: You should have a dumbbell rack to avoid having different dumbbells of different sizes. Obviously, if you only have a few sets, the sign of the rack is not good. In any case, if you have a lot, you should put resources in a rack to store them appropriately. The shelf will ensure that your dumbbells will not simply lie around and entangle you when they happen to step on them. The rack also allows you to effectively pick up and stack dumbbells during exercise.


  • Which muscles can dumbbells concentrate?

       A: Dumbbells can help you focus on some muscles of the upper and lower body.

           Weightlifting will help you focus on the biceps, back arm muscles and shoulders.

           The squeezing activity will make your chest muscles and shoulders work properly.

           The paddling activities will serve you.

          Squats and jumps will help you assemble your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.


  • How to make the chest, back arm muscles and shoulders with dumbbells?

       A: Please do the following activities to focus on your chest, back arm muscles and shoulders:

           Chest: bench press (horizontal, inclined, reduced), fly (sit up and climbing), straight arm and bow pullover

           Back arm muscles: triceps expansion (one arm and two arms), gain, the lying back arm muscles strengthen, the back arm muscles are in place

           Shoulders: shoulder press, parallel lift, first column, upright line, deltoid lift, shoulder shrug.


  • How can I focus on my back and biceps with dumbbells?

       A: These practices are incredible in exercising the back and biceps:

           Biceps: biceps twist, hammer twist, fixed twist, evangelist twist

           Back: One-arm column, twisted wire, deadlift, flying backward, wide wire


  • How can I focus on the legs and abdomen with dumbbells?

       A: This is how to exercise the legs and abdomen with dumbbells:

           Legs: squat, run, lean, seabuckthorn squat, toes raised

           Abs: Sit-ups, side bends with dumbbells, leg elevation.

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