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Latex Vs Fabric Resistance Bands


More and more people are beginning to use resistance bands in the process of fitness. The multi-function and convenient carrying of resistance bands have become the main reasons why people choose them for strength training. It can be used for a variety of strength training, targeting different muscle groups. Exercise helps us get better fitness.

Common resistance bands are fabric resistance bands or latex/ rubber resistance bands. You may be confused. Which exercise band should I choose? When choosing a resistance band, you should mainly consider the following aspects:

  • Whether the material is comfortable

  • Is it in line with your strength

  • Is it suitable for your fitness habits

Latex resistance bands 

Latex resistance bands are made of latex, they are not as wide or thick as fabrics. Some latex tape is very thin, almost like a treatment tape. Elastic bands have different lengths and resistance levels. Latex tapes with higher resistance levels will be thicker, but not as thick as fabric bands. The resistance level of latex tape is determined by thickness rather than length, which is different from fabric tape. There are five general resistance levels, which of course also depends on the manufacturer.


Large range of resistance: Latex tape has a larger range of resistance levels, which is more suitable for beginners with little lower body strength.

Versatility: Since they can stretch more, they can perform upper body exercises and lower body exercises, and are more versatile.

Easy to clean: Rinse with clean water, or wipe with a clean damp towel.

Adjustable:The latex resistance band can be adjusted, and the size and resistance can be controlled by knotting.


Rolled up: Because of their smooth material and small thickness, they usually roll up in motion.

Low comfort level: If the latex is placed directly on the skin, it may pinch the skin and cause discomfort to your skin.

Smell: Usually the new resistance zone will smell of latex, you need to dry it in a ventilated place for a while, the smell will disappear.

Easy to tear: Latex and rubber are not durable materials. If you use them frequently, they may tear.

Latex Resistance Bands

Fabric resistance bands 

The fabric resistance bands are made of durable flexible fabric materials in light, medium, and heavy lengths. Compared with latex resistance bands, they are thicker and wider and have greater resistance than latex resistance bands.

The length of the fabric resistance bands is different, the resistance is different, the longer the length, the greater the resistance. You can use fabric resistance bands for a variety of training, including resistance band back exercises, resistance band chest workouts, hip training, resistance band squats, and leg training.


Comfortable: The fabric material can be worn close to the body, even if it is worn for a long time, it will not cause discomfort due to skin irritation.

Non-slip: The fabric belt usually has a non-slip grip, so during exercise, it will stay in its original position and will not slide easily.

Durable: The fabric will not tear due to excessive force like latex or rubber materials.

Greater resistance: It provides greater resistance and is more conducive to lower body movement.


Less resistance range: fabric resistance has 2-3 resistance levels, latex generally has 5 resistance levels

Long cleaning time: The fabric resistance band must be cleaned and air-dried in the washing machine, so its cleaning time is relatively long.

Reduced stretchability: As the use time increases and the number of stretches increases, the elasticity of the resistance band will be weakened.

Fabric Resistance Bands

So how should I choose my own resistance bands? It depends on your usage. If you are a beginner, and you need less resistance for light work, and considering multi-function and portability, you can choose a latex resistance band. If you have exercise experience and pursue strength training suitable for your legs and buttocks, you can choose a fabric resistance band, which will also make you feel more comfortable.

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