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Knee Brace When Sleeping


Knee Brace When Sleeping

1.Why You Should Wear A Knee Brace When Sleeping

The answer is YES! Speed of healing depends on how long you wear your knee brace, so wearing it overnight is essential to the healing process. You should wear a knee brace when sleeping if your knee injured. When you sleep, you fall into a hypnotic state deep where you cannot control your movements. you move a lot may harmful to your injury, particularly if you just have had surgery. The knee brace will help stabilize the injury, just like it does when you are up and about. sleeping with a knee brace may feel a little uncomfortable, but it will keep your knee safe.

There are three main reasons why you should wear knee support when sleeping:

(1)Alleviates Pain

You may think a knee brace will prevent you from falling asleep, but in fact, knee pain will prevent you from getting a night of good sleep. When you sleep, you cannot control your movements. Throwing your knee across the bed will result in pain if you do not have a stabilized joint while this pain will wake you up. especially you just after an operation or the muscles around the injured region aren’t strong yet. The knee brace will reduce stress around the knee ligaments will help you sleep smoothly with less painful disruptions.

(2)Stabilizes The Joint

This means the brace will prevent you from moving around in your sleep. The brace protects your knee when you sleep as it does when you're attempting to walk around. To make sure the brace truly stabilizes your knee, tighten your straps adequately. Test the tightness to make sure neither too loose nor too tight.

(3)Improve Posture

Improvement of the posture, Most people are ignorant of the fact that knee pain can result in poor posture, whether it is sitting or standing. knee braces can come in handy to remedy the situation. knee braces help to boost our posture. It remedies knee pains for a bending posture.  then You will sleep in a comfortable posture.

2. Some Tips To Help You Sleep A Little Better With Knee Brace

While We Have Determined That You need a knee brace while sleeping, it may cause discomfort when wearing it in bed. we have some tips to help you sleep a little better with the knee brace.  

Tip 1 Pay attention to your sleeping position

For the duration of your injury, change your sleep position so your braced leg is on the outside edge of the bed. so you can easily pull off the blankets without disturbing your sleeping partner.

Tip 2  Adjust the straps

Adjust the knee braces strap according to the injury… before into bed. A loose brace may cause it to come off when you moving in your sleep. A knee brace that is too tight will cut off circulation.

Tip 3 Employ the use of pillows

If you choose to sleep on your back, Elevate your knee with a pillow preferably below the brace. If you choose to sleep on your side, you may need to support your back with some additional pillows.

Tip 4 Care your skin

Long periods under the knee brace may cause the area to itch.  Apply a moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin. Avoiding your skin begins to chafe and burn, and have a good night's sleep.

Tip 5  Ice treatment to the knee

cold therapy helps to lessen inflammation and swelling on the knee, reduces the amount of pain to be experienced during the night.

3.Frequently Asked Questions

(1)What's the best sleeping position after ACL surgery?

The best sleeping position is to lie flat on your back when after ACL surgery. Before you lie down and attempt to fall asleep, put two pillows under your knee to keep your knee elevated and slightly bent. Then put pillows on your side to anchor your body and keep you from rolling over.

Medical Hinged ROM Orthopedic Fractures Support Knee Brace

Medical Hinged ROM Orthopedic Fractures Support Knee Brace FEATURE:

Effective knee rehabilitation support: Provide extra stabilized support for patellar tendon, tear meniscus, ACL, PCL surgery after and broken leg. Relief pain for the rehabilitation process and speed up recovery time. Rom knee brace hinged can also minimizes the risk of re-injury.

Control the range of knee motion: Can greatly improve the immobilizer and stability of the knee. Push switch tab along the open direction to “unlock” the hinge, and set the flexion/extension to desired position, then push switch tab back to "lock" finish the setting. Locking dial be adjusted between 0° to 120° range of flexion and 0° to 90° range of extension, adjustment unit is 10 degrees, adjustable hing ROM easy to personalize.

(2)Best sleeping posture for a torn meniscus?

when you recovering from a torn meniscus, find the best knee brace for a meniscus tear and use this to help your meniscus recover when you sleep. 

Nylon Knee Brace With Silicon

Nylon Knee Brace With Silicon FEATURE:

Breathable knit soft fabric, non-slip silicone strap, can be used for sports, tennis, bicycle volleyball, jogging, weightlifting, skateboarding, triathlon, walking, hiking, wrestling, skiing, golf, football, Zumba, climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting, yoga, squatting, baseball, football, bodybuilding, martial arts, running, dancing, fitness, exercise and other fitness exercises.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORT: This pain relief knee brace using 3D knitting cutting technology, fiber cross-section covered space, which can instantly absorb and evaporate large amounts of water, circular breathing, in order to protect the movement of the knee, to keep cool and comfortable.

Sleeping with a knee brace may sound bad, with the right sleep aids and a positive attitude, though, you can catch all the sleep you need to heal quickly. if you don’t feel much pain in the knee area or if a sudden movement won’t cause the condition to deteriorate then there is no need to sleep with a knee brace.

For all of your knee brace needs, We can help you find the right knee brace joint rehabilitation. please contact usor check out our range at FITOP sports braces.

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