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How To Wrap A Sprained Wrist


How To Wrap A Sprained Wrist

Should you wrap a sprained wrist?

Yes!The wrist contains large-small bones and tendons. If you sprain your wrist, please wrap it as soon as possible; this stabilizes the joint and facilitates recovery. Wrapping is also one of the most effective remedies for carpal tunnel pain,  inflammation and other hand-related injuries.

Learning how to wrap a sprained wrist may be one of the fastest ways to heal an injured wrist, reduce recovery time, ease symptoms, and prevent further injury. To effectively secure the wrist, you have to wrap it in a way that also restricts the movement of the thumb, hand or some fingers.  Keep reading to learn more about how to wrap your sprained wrist.

Here are the steps for wrapping your wrist:

Step 1: Wash your hand completely and make sure the bandage is clean.

Step 2: If you’re trying to wrap your wrist yourself, use your own body,  table or wall to hold the bandage in place. Keep your hand and wrist straight. Start wrapping the bandage from below the wrist. 

           If you have someone to help you, ask them to wrap the bottom of the wrist first and then wrapped in a figure 8 pattern to stabilize the wrist properly. Go over the thumb and back down again. Ideally, the wrist should be wrapped all the way up to the point where your fingers meet your hand.

Step 3: Secure the end of the bandage with Velcro or tape.

Attention for wrapping a wrist:

Do not wrap the wrist too loosely, because A loose bandage can not support the joint. 

Inversely, if you wrap the bandage too tightly, it might obstruct the flow of blood and oxygen to the injury. If your fingers begin to tingle or go numb, you should remove the bandage and rewrap.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or want to prevent injuries when fitness, you’ll have to almost every day. learning how to wrap a sprained wrist with a conventional bandage is not exactly hassle-free. then you may need an easy way to solve it, as a professional sports support manufacture FITOP can give you some advice.

1.Adjustable Thumb Spica Wrist Brace

Adjustable Thumb Spica Wrist Brace

The FITOP Wrist Wrap is specially designed to provide comfortable compression and support. It helps to prevent injury as well as treat existing injuries.

The wrap-around design allows for thumb and finger movement and this suitable is fully adjustable so one size fits all.

Item No. : F01813

Product Name: Adjustable Thumb Spica Wrist Brace 

Color: Blue

Material: Neoprene

1、The Comfort of Breathable Fabric can be seen directly, Strong Sweat Absorption Ability Will Keep Your Wrist Dry. 

2、Wider and Bigger Velcro Can Intensify The Adhesive Ability, Not Easy To Fall Off. 

3、With Mesh Lycra Edging, Breathable And Comfortable, Firm And Wear-resistant.

4、Round Suede Openings, Comfortable To Wear, Convenient And Simple.

2.wrist splint support brace wraps

wrist splint support brace wraps

Item No. : F01803

Product Name: wholesale wrist splint support brace wraps  

Color: Black

Material: Neoprene

This high-quality wrist support is ideal for fitness as it provides comfortable stabilization and keeps the wrist in the proper position during a workout.

Adjustable design for more comfortable fingers.

Metal bar support, not easy to deform.

High-quality fabrics, high breathability.

Strong locks, with wide magic stickers, use more securely.

3.sprained wrist support

sprained wrist support

Item No. : F01829

Product Name: sprained wrist support

Color: Black

Material: Neoprene

Specially-designed sprained wrist wrap, like the FITOP sprained wrist support.  how is it different from the thousand other proprietary wraps on the market?

The outer layer is wrapped with high-quality flexible Lycra and is usable for both right and left hands. Also, you don’t have to worry about the size since this is a one-size-fits-all wrap. It is highly durable and actually cheaper than a bandage in the long run.

How long should you wrap a sprained wrist?

To avoid injury during exercise, you can wear it at the beginning of the fitness and take it off when the exercise is over.

For mild injuries,If you have an elastic bandage, keep it on for the next 24 to 36 hours. 

Moderate sprains may need to be immobilized with a wrist splint for one week or more.

For severe injuries, it is better to consult a doctor.

You can view our full range of wrist supports on our website, so which kind of workout you choose, please make sure that you enjoy your activity to the full with quality equipment, the proper posture and FITOP Supports to help keep you on track. After you’re done, just rinse with freshwater and hang out to dry. 

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