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How To Wear Tennis Elbow Brace


If you're experiencing pain on the outside of your arm joint, you may have a tennis arm joint. If the discomfort is on within the elbow, it may be golf enthusiasts' elbow. Either way, you might be able to use a counterforce tennis elbow brace to treat this type of elbow discomfort.

Does tennis elbow brace work?

We usually recommend using a tennis elbow strap during treatment, and it is very effective.

The correct wearing of the tennis elbow brace is essential to ensure that the brace works appropriately. After wearing a tennis elbow brace, as the muscles contract, the pressure will spread throughout the muscles, reducing pain and allowing more intense contractions.

How To Wear Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis elbow support wearing skills:

In order to wear a tennis elbow brace correctly, the brace should be wrapped around the forearm near the elbow and cannot exceed the elbow.

Choosing the correct size is very important. It can ensure that we wear elbow pads correctly. Many elbow pads are adjustable to ensure that arms of different thicknesses can also be worn. You can check the size description of the elbow support to choose the elbow support that suits you. If you need to measure, please measure one inch below the injured arm. You can get the specific size and choose the elbow support that suits you.

Please follow the steps below to wear a tennis elbow brace correctly:

1. Slide the strap onto the forearm and place it about an inch below the elbow.

2. Gently touch or press to find the pain point on the outside of your elbow, not one inch below the elbow.

3. Place the pressure pad on the painful place you just found.

4. Tighten the straps until the elbow pads fit comfortably. The strap should not be too tight. It will not only make you uncomfortable but also affect blood circulation and affect your health.

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