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How To Wear An Ankle Brace With Shoes


If you walk on uneven ground, your ankle may be sprained. When you walk in high heels or unfit shoes, the risk of sprains also increases. When we exercise, our amount of exercise will increase, and the force on the ankle will also increase, which may cause a sudden ankle sprain. A sprained ankle requires a certain amount of recovery time, and it can be painful during a sprain. You can wear a best ankle brace to relieve the pain. You can wear ankle protectors on your shoes, which not only protects you from ankle sprains, but also relieves the pain when your ankle is injured.

Wear an ankle brace with shoes

Choose the right shoes

One of the most appropriate sports shoes for sprained ankle use a typical tongue as well as shoelace style, so you can unfold the opening of the footwear as well as easily put the ankle support. Low-top tennis shoes function best with ankle braces, because they do not put excessive pressure on your ankle bones like high-top or mid-top footwear.

The typical sight is that high-top sports footwear or high-top job boots can support the ankle much more effectively than low-top shoes. It is marketed that high-top footwear can offer added ankle support, the truth is that no shoe can support ankle joints and also can assist prevent ankle injuries like an ankle protector. When supporting your ankle with ankle support, you do not require to use high-top footwear.

No high-top shoes can prevent injuries in sporting activities where the risk of ankle strain is higher, due to the fact that the system of this injury is to fall because of jumping as well as fall on the opponent's foot at a high speed. We recommend that you wear low-top sports shoes with high-performance ankle assistance, which are developed to assist avoid ankle injuries or minimize the seriousness of injuries. We can wear best ankle brace with matching shoes.

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Dress time

It is necessary to gradually increase the wearing time to increase the tolerance of the skin and soft tissues to the stent. From the first day, wear the stent twice, one hour each time. Add an hour during this wearing period until you can comfortably wear the support frame all the time during the day and there are no red marks or pressure sores on your skin.

Skin care

Every time you wear an ankle brace, check your skin for new redness or signs of irritation. This is especially important if you have diabetes or lack of protection for your feet. Your braces should be close to your body, but they should not cause any pain, bruising or blisters. With maximum correction or support, some pink may appear. All redness should disappear within 15 minutes after removing the braces. If you feel pain, or if the redness of the skin persists for more than 15 minutes, call your doctor to adjust the brace.

It is important to keep the skin clean to avoid irritation. It is recommended to use mild soap and water. Do not use lotion, oil or ointment under the stand. If needed, use less and let it dry before putting on the brace.

How to put on an ankle brace?

(1)Tie the shoelace, making sure to leave a gap of half to two and a half inches between the middle part of the shoelace eyelet.

(2)If the gap is large, you need to buy a larger size ankle support. Otherwise, you need to buy a smaller size.

(3)Tie the shoelace properly and make sure it is not too tight or too loose, otherwise it will affect the effect.

(4)Wrap the inner strap around the foot from the top of the foot to the bottom of the heel. Make sure that the end of the strap is connected to the top of the bracket.

(5)The lateral straps on the outside must be wrapped from the top of the foot to the bottom of the heel, and then fastened to the support in the same way.

(6)You can readjust the stabilizing strap to make sure it fits, and then wrap the elastic cuffs on the laces and straps.

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