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How to Wash Your Yoga Clothes


How to Wash Your Yoga ClothesDo you want to look amazing in your yoga clothes? The way to look good is to wash these yoga tops, leggings and workout clothes in the right way. Yoga clothes are comfortable and versatile, but they need to be cleaned properly to maintain their quality. Reliable yoga clothing manufacturer Fitop has gathered information on ways to clean your yoga clothing to help you with your new workout routine.

Wash your yoga clothes as soon as possible after exercise

All clothing that comes into direct contact with your skin should be washed as soon as possible after use. Tight-fitting clothing can collect bacteria and yeast spores on the skin. These bacteria remain on the clothing and can multiply until the clothing is washed. If you have sensitive skin or small cuts or cracks on your skin, rashes, skin irritations and infections may occur. Don't put it in your gym bag or basket, even if you don't plan to wear your yoga clothes anytime soon. This is because there are many opportunities for bacteria to multiply. Make sure it is dry and wash it as soon as possible.

Turn your yoga clothes over

Most dirt and odor-causing bacteria accumulate on the inside of your yoga clothes, not the outside. Turn your yoga clothes over so that water and detergent can better eliminate the source of the odor. Remove dirt, sweat and body oils to create cleaner yoga clothes. Plus the inside of your yoga clothes take all the load of the washing machine agitation and your clothes are just as clean. The fabric on the outside of your clothes will fade less and look fresher. If you have a lingerie bag, put your yoga bras in this bag before you throw them in the water. This will prevent the yoga bra from being stretched causing and deformation.

How to Wash Your Yoga Clothes

Wash yoga clothes in cold water

The instructions on most yoga clothing labels recommend washing in cold water. This is mainly because it prevents fading, prevents shrinkage and extends the life of your yoga clothes. Do not use a tumble dryer or dry your clothes. Or, better yet, air dry your workout clothes to preserve their appearance, breathability and overall longevity.

Avoid Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners apply chemicals to fabrics to make them feel silky smooth. Silky smoothness is great, but the chemical residue can weaken the fabric's sweat-wicking properties. Moisture transfer means that the fabric absorbs water from the skin and evaporates without remaining between the skin and the pants. If you wear yoga pants for yoga and sweat; you will feel very uncomfortable.

Wash similar fabrics together

Avoid washing synthetic fabrics with towels and other items that produce linen as well as heavy clothing such as jeans and sweatshirts. Performance fabrics can stain lint in the wash, and heavy clothing can cause pilling and damage delicate fabrics. Washing like items together is the most effective way to keep your sportswear, everyday clothes, bedding, etc. in top condition.

Follow these tips to clean and dry your workout clothes to extend their life and keep them fresh after your workout. To enjoy a better workout experience and keep your yoga clothes fresh, Fitop has the answer

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