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How To Use Maternity Belt


The role of the pregnancy waistband is to support the lower back and abdomen during pregnancy, and relieve fatigue and pain during pregnancy, especially in the second and second trimesters.

How to use the pregnancy waistband ?

Physical conditions

Pregnancy waistband is not suitable for women suffering from high blood pressure or poor blood circulation, please consult your doctor to see if your condition is suitable for wearing pregnancy support belt.

Choose size

You can choose the right size according to your size before pregnancy. You can refer to the size chart related to the trouser size to help you choose the appropriate support belt for pregnant.

Wearing method

 If there is a support belt on your abdomen, you should put it on the top of your head, place it on your stomach, and slide it down until it covers your pants.

For pregnancy supporter with Velcro buckles, you should place the widest point under your stomach to support your abdomen, and then fix the Velcro straps on your back.

How To Wear Maternity Belt


The pregnancy waistband should not be too tight and should put a slight pressure on you. If your abdomen strap is too tight, it may cause indigestion and other unhealthy symptoms, and it may also affect your blood circulation and blood pressure.

Wearing time

It is best to wear them for 2 to 3 hours at a time. Over-reliance on them will weaken your lower muscles by causing excessive stretching of the abdomen. Relax after wearing it for a while to strengthen your body and prepare for childbirth. 


When putting on the pregnancy belly brace, you should also perform appropriate exercises to reduce excess weight and increase strength. You should do abdominal exercises during and after pregnancy to strengthen your transverse abdominal muscles.

Pay attention to clothes

Many pregnacy belt, belly belts and  pregnancy waistband are equipped with loops or velcro, it is easy to adjust the belt and make it in the correct position and maintain the correct tension, sometimes these belts may pinch and tear your clothes, you wear need to pay attention to.

If you cannot relieve pain with a pregnancy waistband, or if you feel uncomfortable during daily activities, please contact your doctor to solve your problem.

Listen to the doctor's advice

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