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How To Put On Knee Brace


A suitable knee brace can protect the knee. If you are recovering from a knee injury, stable support may be just what you need. It can limit your range of motion, reduce secondary injuries to your knees, and help you recover as soon as possible. It sounds simple, but if you want to get these advantages under typical conditions, you should choose the right brace and wear it correctly and effectively to ensure your knees recover until you fully recover.    

1.  Pick the right style brace

If you are unfortunately injured, the doctor will choose a suitable stent according to your injury situation and extent. The doctor will choose the right material and type of knee brace for your actual injury.

For smooth wounds, you can choose to pull down the weight sleeve. For more realistic tears or breaks, a heavier rotating support supported by metal or plastic may be required.

It is also important to find a brace that fits your size. The size of the knee brace is usually displayed on the back of the binding. You can ask the salesperson based on it and choose the size that suits you.

How To Put On Knee Brace


2. Wear it on the injured knee

Everyone is different, and there will be differences between individuals, so please try to wear it correctly before formal wear, so as to achieve good results. You can ask an expert for help and make your expert aware of whether the braces are too tight or too loose. There is also a simple way to wear it correctly: the "two-finger" technique.

(1) Put on a tie and tie it on.

(2) Slide two fingers under the eyelashes.

(3) If your two fingers cannot be placed under the eyelashes, it may be very close; loosen the tie and retry the test.

How To Put On Knee Brace


3. Wear shorts

The shorts are made of less material and thinner, which can disrupt the overall airflow. Compared to other pants, they can prevent the support from moving to achieve a better wearing effect. However, shorts will increase the wind area of the legs, so it is not conducive to wear when going out, but if you are at home, wearing shorts will be your most comfortable choice.

For long braces that are taller on the legs, for example, pivot utilitarian braces, shorts are the most suitable.

How To Put On Knee Brace

4.Intermittently eliminate the brace

This will give your skin opportunity to inhale just as mitigating the weight around your knee.

Whilst not wearing the brace, be mindful so as not to put a lot of weight on your harmed leg. It is ideal to attempt to stay sitting or resting while wearing the brace.

Speak to your doctor about the suitable occasions for your knee to be unsupported and for how long.

How To Put On Knee Brace

5.Choose wearing time

(1) If you are doing strenuous exercise, you should wear a suitable sports knee brace before exercise to reduce the pressure on your knees during exercise and prevent you from being injured during exercise.

(2) If your knee is injured, you should see a doctor in time. The doctor will recommend a suitable medical knee brace according to your situation. You need to wear it for a certain period of time every day under the doctor’s instructions until you recover. , And even take longer.

How To Put On Knee Brace

6. The benefits of wearing a knee strap

(1) Relax the knee

When you are walking, wearing it can prevent excess joint strain, but please use it with caution. When standing, try not to tilt your body or put your weight on your weak legs. Before the knee can fully support its weight, it will become weak and unable to cope with weight changes.

(2) Limit the range of motion

Knee pads can protect your knees from being injured when they are bent to the limit. When all conditions are the same, you will find that the knee joint suffers less bending resistance when wearing braces. Excessive bending or pivoting of the joint may aggravate the injury.

Usually, when trying to repair, you need to keep your knees straight, relax and lift.

How To Put On Knee Brace

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