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How To Measure Your Hand For Riding Gloves


Cycling gloves are a good partner in the process of riding, it can reduce the friction of your hands during long-term riding, and at the same time protect your hands from injury during riding, so choose a suitable one for you riding gloves are particularly important. If the choice of gloves is inappropriate, it will not only hinder your riding, but also affect your riding experience. So how do you measure gloves size? How to choose the gloves that suit you?

How to measure gloves size ?

  • Use a soft tape measure to measure the length of your hand from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist, in inch increments (or convert cm to inches).

measuring glove size

  •  Measure the widest part of your hand with a soft ruler, and measure the other four-finger joints except the thumb. 

When measuring, the tape should be neat, but not too tight, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate.

measuring glove size

  • The measurement results will provide you with a reference when buying gloves.

If your size is at the maximum of a certain size, if you want to buy a looser one, you can also buy the next size.

The picture below is the size of FITOP riding gloves. FITOP has best bike riding gloves.

This riding glove is not only suitable for outdoor riding, but also suitable for :

  • Commuting to work

  • Daily leisure

  • Fitness 

  • Climbing mountain 

  • Walking dog 

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves size chart:

This is a chart of common dimensions for riding gloves (in cm).You can measure glove size.

How To Measure Your Hand For Riding Gloves

Hope this article is helpful to you when measuring gloves size, and you can contact us to choose the riding gloves that suit you.

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