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How To Clean A Wrist Brace


We may sprain our wrist during work and sports. After a wrist sprain, we usually choose to wear a wrist protector or custom wrist brace to protect our wrist, provide support for the wrist, and prevent our wrist from being injured again. It takes several weeks or even longer to recover from a sprained wrist, so we wear a wrist brace for a long time. However, wearing the brace for a long time may become dirty due to dust and sweat, produce the smell, and even cause folliculitis, skin disease, and even staphylococcal infection. We can clean the wrist brace, but how should we clean it?

You can wear custom wrist brace if your wrist is uncomfortable

How often should you clean the wrist brace?

It depends on the type of wrist brace and your daily routine. If it is a simple wrist brace without metal components, washing it every few days will not affect the wrist protector. If it is a wrist brace with a metal bracket, you can wipe the surface with a wet wipe or wet towel every day.

Cleaning method: Machine wash or Hand wash

Generally, all wrist protector can be hand-washed (except those with metal brackets). Whether it is machine washable or not, you need to read the label and instructions of the wrist brace. If there is a machine washable sign, it can be machine washed. The label should indicate the machine-wash temperature or cycle setting.

If the label only has temperature and no cycle setting, you can also machine wash it, as long as it is set to soft mode, to prevent excessive washing and reduce the service life of the wrist protector.

Cleaning steps:

1. Read the instructions

    Read the product label or packaging instructions.Usually it will indicate the washing temperature, what kind of cleaning agent to use, and other information.

2. Prepare tools

    Prepare cleaning tools: basin, detergent, clean cloth.

    Use mild detergents, such as washing powder, liquid detergent, neutral soap, fabric softener, these will not damage its elasticity and internal structure, do not use bleach.

3. Pour warm water

    Pour warm water (not hot water) into the basin. If the water is too hot, it will not only destroy the effect of the cleaning agent, but may also damage the elasticity of the wrist brace fabric. Warm water can make the cleaning agent achieve the best effect, which can better clean the stains on the fabric.

4. Put in the cleaning agent

    Stir and mix the water and detergent to make the detergent fully blend into the warm water, then put the wrist brace in the warm water and wipe it with a towel to make the wrist brace cleaner. If the wrist brace has a metal splint, you need to remove the metal splint. Otherwise the chemical components in the cleaning agent will react with the metal and destroy the metal. Avoid large amounts of friction during the wiping process. Otherwise it will damage the fibers of the wrist band.

Take out the metal of the custom wrist brace

5. Rinse the brace

    Immerse the stand in a clean basin, put it in clean water, and then squeeze the water dry. Repeat this step until the water is clear. You need to wash thoroughly to avoid the residual cleaning agent from harming your skin.

6. Dry

    Squeeze excess water from the holder. Avoid squeezing and twisting hard to prevent pulling the fibers of the fabric and damaging the bracket.

    Place the wrist protector flat on a dry towel, and you can gently press and roll the towel to absorb the water on the wristband.

    Avoid hanging to dry, as the weight of the water may stretch the fabric. Avoid direct sunlight; otherwise it may fade the wristband. Avoid drying by any heating method; otherwise the internal structure of the fabric will be damaged.

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