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How To Choose The Right Knee Brace


Knee braces are supports that can be used to relieve knee pain, prevent injuries, and help you recover after injury. There are many types of knee support frames, which are composed of a variety of materials and can provide a certain range of knee support levels.

Some doctors will advise patients to wear protective gear to prevent knee pain. Other doctors think this is not a good idea. They said this would do more harm than good. Scientific research has not given a clear answer. You can always contact your doctor to find out which method is best for you.

How To Choose The Ringht Knee Brace

Types of Knee Braces

Closed and Open Patella Braces

When you see some stents with open patella (with a hole in the center of the stent) and others with closed bone (without a hole), it can be confusing. A brace with a with bone opening can reduce knee pressure and provide additional knee cap support through proper exercise and tracking. On the other hand, the closed bone support can provide the same pressure at the knee cap as the rest of the knee and provide additional support.

Rehabilitation braces

These are usually used within a few weeks after injury or surgery. They can keep the knee stable, but still allow limited movement during the rehabilitation process. After knee surgery (such as meniscus repair or ACL repair), the knee brace can help fix the joint and make it heal normally. The Bledsoe protector or knee immobilizer may be worn initially. After recovery, you can wear a functional brace during sports activities.

Unloader braces

These products are designed to relieve pain in patients with knee arthritis. They transfer weight from the damaged area of the knee to a stronger area.

Prophylactic braces

These are designed to protect the knee from contact sports such as basketball.For example, basketball knee pads are one of the common basketball gear. It can protect the athlete's knee from or not being hurt during the exercise. If you usually exercise, you can choose knee brace for running.

Knee sleeves

Technically, these are not supports, but they are the most common type of knee support. They are designed to provide compression around the knee joint. This helps support the knee and can control pain and swelling.Knee sleeves come in different sizes and you can put them directly on your knees. Knee pads can usually relieve minor knee pain well and help minimize arthritis. The sleeves are comfortable to wear and can be worn under clothing.

How To Choose The Right Knee Brace

Techniques for using knee pads

When wearing a knee brace, some patients may have minor complications or problems using the brace.

These are common  problems:

  • Skin allergies

  • does not fit

  • Support

  • Uncomfortable

The following content can help you avoid these problems.

Make the right choice

Wearing the right brace and maintaining a good figure is essential to ensure that you benefit from the brace you seek and to ensure that the brace is as comfortable and effective as possible.

You can ask your doctor to determine the type of support you need and how to use it, and make sure you are the right size. Brackets They can also check if your bracket is suitable and determine if you need to adjust or use other sizes.

Know your knee pads

Knowing what your knee brace is supposed to do for you and what effect it will bring to you can help you evaluate its effectiveness and use it in the right way.Knee pads with different functions may look similar, but their functions are not always the same. You can ask your doctor to make sure you understand knee support.

How To Choose The Ringht Knee Brace

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