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How To Avoid Wrist Injury In Cycling


How To Avoid Wrist Injury In Cycling

1.Wrist Injury-the most common injury in cycling

If a cyclist keeps his hands and arms in a fixed position for a long time, especially when riding on rough terrain, the elbows and wrists will absorb too much vibration and burden. This makes the wrist joints particularly vulnerable to injury and increases the burden on the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve is a nerve that runs near the ulna bone.The ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow joint is in relation to the ulnar nerve. The nerve is the largest in the human body unprotected by muscle or bone, so injury is common. This nerve is directly connected to the little finger, and the adjacent half of the ring finger, innervating the palmar aspect of these fingers, including both front and back of the tips, perhaps as far back as the fingernail beds.

If the ulnar nerve becomes inflamed, it may cause pain and numbness and make your hands weak. He is called carpal tunnel syndrome, sometimes called handlebar palsy.

There are several reasons that may put too much weight on your hands and wrists. The first step is to see if your bike is suitable. A saddle that is too high will tilt your weight forward, while a handlebar that is too low may put more weight on your wrist. A bicycle that is slightly too large, or a bicycle with a too-long jack tube, will straighten you and may make your wrist tight.

2.How gloves and Wrist Support Relieve Wrist Pain

(1)Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves

Gloves are an option for protection in case of gravel injury in the event of a fall. Padded gloves can help relieve wrist pain. A soft padded strip of tape with gel or foam inserts underneath can provide additional protection from road vibrations, which are another cause of hand pain. The padding at the base of the thumb can help reduce pressure on the ulna and prevent soreness.

(2)Cycling Wrist Support

Cycling Wrist Support

A riding wrist support can help you recover from an injury and provide stability and comfort while riding. FITOP wristbands are specifically designed to provide comfortable compression and support. It helps prevent injuries and treat existing injuries.

The wraparound design allows thumb and finger movement, and this option is fully adjustable, so one size fits everyone.

void wrist injury in cycling

This high-quality wrist rest is very suitable for cyclists because it provides comfortable stability and can keep the wrist in place during long-term riding.

The adjustable hook and loop closure device prevent overuse and overextension by applying strong pressure and keeping the wrist in an ideal position, thereby relieving wrist pain and muscle fatigue, so this support is very suitable for long-term use.

You can check our full range of wrist supports on our website, so no matter what kind of riding activity you are doing, you should make sure to use high-quality equipment, correct posture and FITOP support to fully enjoy your exercise to help you keep it in good shape.

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