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How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Bra


A sports bra is an important part of your underwear closet and finding the right one can be a big challenge. But just as important as finding the perfect fit is knowing how often you should change your sports bra. So how do you know when it's time to replace your sports bra? Read on to learn how to tell if it's time to replace your sports bra.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Bra

How long can I wear a sports bra?

If properly maintained, a quality sports bra should last 6-12 months before needing to be replaced.

Signs that a sports bra needs to be replaced

Your body has changed

Weight changes can have a very big impact on the fit of your bra. This is because our breasts contain fat, so when our weight fluctuates, so does our bra size. Whatever the reason, when your body changes, chances are your bra will need to change as well. An ill-fitting bra will not do its job well.

Your workout routine has changed

Your sports bra should match your workout. You wouldn't wear a yoga bra with straps for cardio, would you? Low-intensity workouts benefit from a lightweight sports bra, while high-intensity workouts require a supportive sports bra to keep your breast tissue in place with as little movement as possible. When you purchase a sports bra, let the bra fitter know what kind of exercise you like. That way, she can match the right sports bra to your workout style.

Bra straps slide easily

The band of a sports bra plays an important role in supporting our breasts. 80% of the support provided by a sports bra comes from the band. Therefore, it is a good place to start checking.

Gently pull on the band. Do you feel a strong resistance? Do you? This is a good sign that your band is still up to the task. If it stretches easily, or even worse, doesn't stretch at all, that's a sure sign that the elastic band has worn out.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Bra

Are there any risks to working out in an expired sports bra?

While the main negative effect is simply discomfort, continued use can damage breast tissue." Ruckman says, "During a workout, your breast tissue has to withstand a lot of movement and impact." When a woman runs, her breast tissue moves in a figure-eight motion. Without the right support, this movement can lead to discomfort, and, over time, can cause the breast tissue to collapse, "which in turn can mean stretching and sagging. That's not exactly the look most of us are looking for.

Tips on how to keep your sports bras longer

  •     Read the washing instructions carefully. Using a laundry bag and letting your clothes air dry will extend their life.

  •     Machine wash bras in cold water, as the heat can damage the fabric and fibers.

  •     Avoid using fabric softeners.  The sweat-wicking ability of sportswear can be damaged by fabric softeners, which include bras.

  •     Prepare a few different models and change between them, which are also adapted to different types of sports.

  •     If you have a large bust, try on or ask the retailer which bra is best for the type of training you do and your body type.


A well-fitting sports bra can make or break your workout, so know how to take care of them as well as show signs that you need a new one. Get yourself a great sports bra to enhance your health without the bounce! FITOP has launched its latest collection of sports bras, a category that is all about fashion and function. Sports bras are available in a variety of colors, cuts, styles, fits and designs to meet the various requirements of fitness women.

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