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How Long Should Your Jump Rope Be


Skipping rope is generally divided into adjustable skipping rope and ordinary skipping rope. When we buy skipping rope, we need to adjust it according to our height. How to adjust the skipping rope? How long should your jump rope be? Please read the article below.

Put one foot on the rope, put your feet together and pull the rope. Put the hands together and point the top toward your chest. Check only the end of the jump rope, not including the rope size handle. If you follow our length guidelines, the jump rope will stop at your sternum or lower pectoral muscle. The rope should not be higher than this point. Beyond this length, there is too much rope attached to the head and excessive slapping on the ground.

Making sure your jump rope is the right length is important for performance. Too long a jump rope will inhibit speed, too short a jump rope will be difficult to learn. You need to adjust according to your own situation, adjust the size of the jump rope can be troublesome. Some ropes require you to cut the cable, adjust the size according to your height and use it.

How Long Should Your Jump Rope Be

Skipping rope is divided into conventional skipping rope and adjustable skipping rope.

Here are the ways to adjust the length of ordinary rope skipping:

1. Step on the center of the jump rope

Next, separate the second handle from the first. Roughly estimate the required length and gently set the screw. Hold a handle in each hand and walk to the center of the rope. Raise the handle to your armpit. The top of the handle, where the cable intersects the handle, should reach your armpit. This is the length required for beginners or novices.

For a more advanced jumping rope, place your hand under your chest. This length will allow for faster rotation.

2. Mark the required length

Once the appropriate length has been determined, mark the jump rope. Use wire cutters to cut the jump rope. It's usually best to leave a few extra inches in case you need to adjust the length later.It is best to leave the length of the rope long before you start to use it. That way you can feel the length and shorten it if you need to. Remember, you can always shorten the cable if you need to. However, without new cables, it is not possible to increase the length.

3. Tighten the screws

Use the hex wrench to tighten the screws in the rope jump handle. Before jumping rope, make sure the screws on both handles are tightened.

4. Adjust again

If you start skipping and find that the rope is too long, it's easy to shorten the rope. Simply unscrew the handle and cut the string to your desired length.

Adjustable Jump Rope

FITOP has many adjustable skipping rope. There is now permission to adjust the rope jump, so you can more easily adjust the length of the rope jump. Here's the adjustable jump rope that's popular right now.

Adjustable Jump Rope

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