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Choosing The Right Sports Bra For Your Workouts


When it comes to sports bras, it's not just about size - feeling comfortable and well supported throughout your workout will make all the difference. You don't want your breasts bouncing violently in the gym, and you don't want to wear a bra that's too tight to move properly in yoga class.

That's where your sports bra comes in. Your workout clothes should support your workout.

We know that choosing the right sports bra can take a lot of time, especially with the many options available on the market today. Today, we want to talk about the benefits of wearing sports underwear and how to choose the best sports bra.

The benefits of wearing a sports bra

Did you know? During medium to high impact sports ( such as running, spinning), our breasts can move up to 14 cm in multiple directions. Over time, this can lead to pain in our breasts, neck and even back, and cause long-term damage to our bodies.

A good sports bra should allow you to feel supported during your workout and still feel comfortable. You want to be distraction free and not be bothered by any uncomfortable bouncing during your workout.

Sports Bra For Your Workouts

How to choose the right sports bra for your workout

Size matters. It sounds simple, but you'll want to choose the right bra design for your cup size. In general, if you have larger cups, look for a bra with more coverage (which usually means a higher neckline) to keep your breasts from spilling out during your workout.

Next, you'll want to pick the right bra support for your type of workout. Different bras will provide different levels of support, depending on how they are made.

There are 3 main support levels:

-Mild support. This refers to low-impact, slower movements with little to no rebound. This type of bra is suitable for activities such as yoga, Pilates, barre, and even walking.

-Medium support. Think faster movement with slightly more bounce. Some activities include dancing, spinning or using an elliptical machine.

-High support. Repeat bouncy, fast movements. Consider running, HIIT and circuit training.

Most sports bras will have a description of the level of support provided. However, there may be exceptions. People with smaller cup sizes (AA, A) can usually wear light or medium sports bras (even for high impact activities) - and vice versa. Larger cup sizes (C, D and larger) may be most comfortable in a high support bra, even for low impact activities.

Sports Bra

Suggestions on testing the fit on sports bra

1) The band below the bust should feel tighter than your everyday bra, but should stay in place when you move your arms! If you move and the band moves with you, it is too big. If the bra strap moves with you when you move, it's too big. If it suffocates you so much that you can't get 1-2 fingers into the chest strap, then it's too small.

2) Strap. The back design (either strappy or strappy) should not dig into your flesh. If it does, you may need to add a size up.

3) Coverage. Generally speaking, your breasts should not "spill over." This means that your breasts should completely fill the cups, which is even more important for activities with more bounce. Make sure your breasts have adequate support to avoid the pain and soreness mentioned above.

One thing that is undeniable is that everyone has a different body type. Guidelines are there to guide us, but we need to listen to our bodies first. If you would like to learn more about sports bra and other yoga products, feel free to contact us. FITOP is always happy to help you.

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