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Are Tight Yoga Pants Good For Your Workout?


We've all seen celebrities walking around looking divine in tight yoga pants. They're definitely stylish, but you have to wonder if the clothes are really appropriate for working out in the gym or studio?

You may be new to the yoga studio, or you just want to know what pants will take your yoga moves to the next level. How tight is too tight, and at what point is your mobility enhanced or limited by your clothing?

If you're interested in buying some yoga pants, then read on to find out if they're really good for your workout - and some potential risks to consider.

Yoga Pants Types: Loose Fit vs. Skin-Tight

There is no clear answer as to whether tight or baggy pants are better for yoga. It all depends on how you workout and what you want to achieve on your yoga mat.

There are some styles of yoga, such as vinyasa, where tight or snug fitting yoga pants are a better choice. You will be doing poses that require your body to be flexible. You will be doing poses that require your body to be flexible and free to change between poses.

The advantage of tight yoga pants is that you get a slight compression effect from the close-fitting fabric. This helps keep the blood flowing and gives you a lift where you need it most.

Of course, some yoga pants are so tight that you feel hot, but this is often due to your choice of fabric being inappropriate. The ideal yoga pant fabric is breathable, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying to help regulate your body temperature.

Some relaxed yoga classes allow for loose fitting clothing, but in general, you want to avoid them. Loose fitting yoga pants are never appropriate for a high intensity workout, especially if extra props are involved.

Loose Fit Yoga Pants

Loose clothing is the least recommended for aerial yoga or Pilates classes that use reformers. You certainly don't want to be involved in the work and risk injury.

Ultimately, the most critical factor in yoga pants is to be comfortable and feel good when you wear them. It's not about being in good shape, but your clothes should make you feel confident about how you look - it makes a difference.  

Choosing Yoga Pants: Sizing is Everything

Yoga is a practice for the mind, body and soul. It is a meditative form of movement that teaches you to unify all these different elements of being - that's yoga. If you have any discomfort - lower back, thighs or buttocks - you're missing out on what yoga is meant to be.

That's why you can't go too small in size when choosing yoga pants. Trust us, you don't want to be pulling your pants out of your crotch during an hour-long yoga session or constantly shifting your body trying to find a breathable pose. This is the opposite of what yoga should be!

Take the time to find the appropriate yoga pants that fit your body and allow yourself to enjoy your time on the mat. Even tight yoga pants shouldn't leave you gasping for air or readjusting every minute.

Tight Yoga Pants

The Safety Factor

Yoga pants are designed with comfort in mind, so even tight-fitting yoga pants can be super comfortable. However, that doesn't mean that wearing something too tight doesn't have some potential health risks.

Just like everything else in life, balance is key. The same goes for wearing tight yoga pants or any other type of tight clothing. If you push the boundaries and put your body under unnecessary stress, it could backfire.

Sometimes dressing fashionably does require you to make some sacrifices, but you need to weigh the pros and cons in a realistic way.

Your clothing choices can affect your mental and physical health, it's no joke, so these important decisions are about more than just how you look to others. We're talking about normal blood circulation, muscle contraction, and even the functioning of your vital abdominal organs.

Likewise, you don't want to wear yoga pants that are too restrictive and limit your movement - that defeats the whole purpose of wearing yoga pants.

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