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What is the difference between low, medium and high intensity sports bras


Looking for the right sports bra? If so, you've probably come across dozens, if not hundreds, of styles. To narrow down your choices, it's helpful to know the difference between low, medium and high intensity sports bras.

There are three types of sports bras: low intensity, moderate intensity and high intensity, each offering different types of construction and features designed to meet the needs of specific types of physical activity. If your training program includes multiple workouts, you may need a sports bra of each style in your collection to meet the unique needs of each activity level. What's the difference? How do you know which one is better for your workout? As the makers of yoga bras, we've put together this article to make buying a sports bra easier.

Low intensity sports bras

Low-intensity sports bras are primarily designed to provide support to the wearer during light exercise; they do not bounce the chest or cause unwanted movement. These undergarments provide mild compression and semi-support.

They are usually very light and have very little padding. Most have narrow straps to comfortably ride or engage in light activities such as bodybuilding, weight lifting, walking, yoga or Pilates. Some people with smaller cups may wear low-impact sports bras because they need less support during strenuous activities such as jogging or cycling.

Most overwire bras are low-impact.

Best low impact sports bras

Shockproof Sports Bra

Shockproof Sports Bra

Designed for light exercise, this sports bra has no snaps or hooks for easy on and off. It is stretchy and comfortable for all-day wear.

Medium Intensity Sports Bras

Medium-intensity sports bras offer moderate support without the tight fit restrictions of high-intensity sports bras. Some styles have compression, but are considered more comfortable than high-intensity compression sports bras.

Medium-intensity sports bras typically have wider straps and more back coverage. In addition to providing more support, this style helps hold the bra in place while stretching or exercising. They are suitable for people with small to medium sized breasts. Therefore, it is suitable for activities such as running, cycling, skiing, hiking or cross training.

They offer less compression compared to high-intensity options. Most standard sports bras are medium-intensity.

Best medium intensity sports bras

Yellow Sports Bra

Yellow Sports Bra

Adjustable shoulder straps give you the freedom to stretch out without being constricted. Features removable padding for extra support and an internal mesh lining for added breathability.

High Intensity Sports Bras

This sports bra is essential for any ground or floor impact exercise, such as running, boot camp, aerobics and jump training. High-intensity sports bras are designed for activities that involve a lot of jumping or movement that may cause your chest to bounce. They are usually made of high compression and provide more support for the straps and bottom. The cups are usually defined to surround and support each breast. High-intensity sports bra fabrics are tighter and denser, and the entire bra feels a little heavier.

Best high intensity sports bras

Sports Bras with Zip Front

Sports Bras with Zip Front

This close-fitting sports bra will give you a comfortable impact and an excellent shake-proof design letting you experience an extraordinary hot session.

This article explains the difference between low intensity sports bras, medium intensity sports bras and high intensity sports bras. You should choose the right one according to your purpose and type of activity.  FITOP provide excellent fitness and yoga products to well-known companies in the industry. Gyms, sports organizations and any purchaser or company in need of sports apparel can contact us.

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