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Color Weight Lifting Bumper Plates Set

Item No: F02694

Product Name: Color Weight Lifting Bumper Plates Set

Color: Multi color

Material: Steel 

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Product Details


ItemBarbell & DumbbellMaterialRubber + Steel
NameAdjustable dumbbellSize
ColorBlack, Yellow, Red, Blue, GreenWeight
FunctionWeightlifting strength training.OriginChina
PackingSeparate opp bag, paper card or bulk as customer's requirement.


[Durable] - Colored bumper plates are made of high-density rubber and sturdy stainless steel inserts to withstand repeated drops and minimize bouncing.

[Thinner Design] - It has a thinner design that allows the barbell bar to bear more weight than a regular barbell piece.

[Rubber Wrapping] - Rubber splints are made of durable, heavy-duty rubber wrapping that will not split or break. The barbell piece is covered with high-density rubber, which allows the barbell bar to bear more weight.

[Colored Marks] - Colored bumper plates are marked with the number of pounds, and each color has a different logo, so you can clearly distinguish the weight.

[100% Solid Elastic Rubber] - Colored bumper plates are made of 100% solid high-density pure rubber, durable.

[Low Bounce And Low Noise] - Rubber buffer weight can withstand repeated falls, minimal bounce. Upgraded materials and designed to reduce noise and quiet workouts are ideal for family weight lifting and daily weight training. Less damage to the floor than steel barbell sheets.

What are colored bumper plates?

The bumper plates are the counterweight board used for the Olympic barbell bars, made almost entirely of rubber (with a steel or brass collar in the center to accommodate the Olympic barbell bars).

Why bumpers?

The "final state" of Olympic weightlifting is the head or shoulders. Many weightlifters drop weights from their heads. Since the bumpers are made almost entirely of rubber, tipping over the shoulders or overhead will not damage weights, barbells, floors, bystanders, weight lifts, etc...

Finally, the crash panels are also ideal for garage gyms -- the rubber structure is much quieter than the traditional metal structure.

What exercises can I do with the colored bumper plates?

Hard pull


Squat down

Clean and jerk





Frequent questions customers ask:

What's the hardness reading on these bumpers?

10-pound and 15-pound bumper plates are 90; 23, 35, 45, and 55-pound bumper plates are 85.

What does a durometer mean?

Hardness meter is the measure of material hardness, its range from 0-100, the higher the grade of the material is harder, the higher the material indentation resistance ability. Our plates can be up to a high standard.

Why do different weight bumper plates have different hardness readings?

In general, lighter bumper boards have higher hardness readings because they need to be stronger to withstand the pressure of a drop. Heavier plates have more surface area to distribute the stress, so they need not be as stiff.

Why does my bumpers smell?

Sometimes the smell of bumpers is caused by the way they are made. It's not permanent. The best remedy is to leave them ventilate in the sun for about five days.

My bumper surface is greasy? How can I get rid of oil stains?

Bumpers are painted with grease during the manufacturing process, and sometimes factories don't clean them well enough.

Here are some steps to remove the grease:

You can clean the bumper about three times with paper towels, soap, and water. If that doesn't work, buy a degreasing spray and spray it onto the surface of your bumper.

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