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Upper Back Support

Item No.: F01304

Product name: Upper Back Support

Material: Neoprene

Size: One size

Color: Black or customized color

Type: Adjustable, Breathable

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Product Details

FOR NECK SHOULDER BACK PAIN RELIEF: Bad posture can usually affect a person's physical beauty. Using our posture corrector can effectively improve back and shoulder, neck pain. 30-40 minutes a day, gradually develop a good posture, do not let bad habits affect our health

POSTURE CORRECTOR FOR MEN, WOMEN AND KIDS: For office workers and students with poor sitting posture, this effective back posture corrector gradually retrains our stiff muscles and adjusts our shoulders to improved effectively improve back, shoulder and posture support. You will look more confident than ever before

EASY TO USE AND COMFORTABLE: The thickened shoulder strap can effectively disperse the stress on the shoulder, making it more comfortable to wear. 

INVISIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The posture brace material is light and breathable, which feels super soft and comfortable to your skin. You can wear under your clothes while at work, home or out.

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