adjustable posture corrector shoulder back support belt

Item No. : F01307

Product Name: adjustable posture corrector shoulder back support belt

Logo: Custom Imprinted Logo

Size: Adjustable One Size Fix

Color: Black


CORRECT YOUR POSTURE - Made with extra comfortable design, gives you the proper compression to your back and waist which is helpful to prevent hunchback or slouching and alleviate pain and discomfort.

COMFORTABLE - Our unique design is super soft and stretchy.

1.According to ergonomic design, elastic ribbon comfortable and soft, shoulder strap part of the use of soft gasket package complex.
2. through the band to produce a backward pull, so that the back of the shoulder, and then make the back straight;
3. Can be adjusted to relax, comfortable and convenient to wear, good ventilation, durable, light weight, strong structure, a higher fit